A Complete Guide to Foot Pain and Prevention

The foot is an extremely important part of the body as it bears the entire weight of your body. It is a very well-engineered and precise part of the body. Made of 26 bones, multiple muscles, 33 joints, blood vessels, tendons, nerves, and lymphatics, it is a complex anatomical structure which when misused can cause great pain. Let us understand some of the primary causes of foot pain:

What Can Cause Foot Pain?

There may be various reasons for foot pain. However, it can be roughly classified in the following categories:

• Lifestyle

One of the most common reasons for foot pain is wearing ill-fitting shoes. High heels are another reason for foot pain as it forces the foot to land in an unnatural position. Foot pain can also be caused by high-impact exercises or sport activities like running and vigorous jumping. In these cases, one should visit a sports injury therapist and seek his or her help to cure the pain, as they specialize in diagnosing pains from lifestyle choices and sports injuries.

• Medical Issues

Medical conditions or issues can also be a common reason for foot pain. Arthritis, for example, causes pain and inflammation of the joints and is often associated with foot pain. Diabetes is another complication which causes foot pain as well, as People with diabetes are more prone to foot ulcers and sores, nerve damage in the feet, and clogged or hardened arteries in the legs and feet.

Never Neglect the Pain in Your Feet

You should never attempt to grit your teeth and ignore pain in your feet. Pain is a natural part of the body process to tell you something is wrong and not working correctly. Furthermore, since your feet is responsible for your everyday movement, if your issue becomes very serious, it can be debilitating and trap you in bed. Never neglect the pains and visit a doctor or foot therapist immediately to seek solutions for your severe foot pains and sprains.

If you are unsure of the reason behind your discomfort and are unaware of the treatment for the condition, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately to avoid causing any serious damage to your feet. The foot doctors or the podiatrists in Singapore are well trained in treatments related to foot pains. The foot doctors in Singapore are well versed with extensive research on various foot related conditions and provide best services with a friendly approach. There are also sport injury therapists who can look after your needs related to sports injuries.

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