OBJ’s story still matters…

Making one-handed catches, or being a football superstar doesn’t mean you’re not human.


If you have turned on the TV to ESPN or any other sports related channel in the past week, you have for sure come across a headline about Odell Beckham Jr. More specifically, you have seen something written about his behavior, whether it’s drawing ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ penalties, his lack of Fantasy Football production, or even his argument with a kicking net, it seems like you can’t go a day now without hearing something else about him. This increased greatly when Odell addressed the media Monday night, after a tough loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

OBJ described how he views football as his ‘sanctuary’, a place where he goes to escape and where he is most happy. He then went on to say that because of how he has been viewed in the media, “he’s not having fun anymore”. Now in an ideal world, this would’ve of coursed changed the flack and fire that OBJ has been receiving, but it doesn’t take a genius to see what happened after he made his comments Monday night. It increased the fire that he’s under, it grew the magnifying glass the media is watching him with, it created more people against him, and ultimately did the exact opposite of what he was hoping.

In the course of just a few seasons in the NFL, Odell Beckham Jr. has gone from a star receiver making one-handed catches, to a huge personality both on and off the field, to a overdramatized “cry baby”. Is this what OBJ intended when he started playing football? No, of course not. He was just doing what he loved, and the success came as it did. Now he has the media, his “fans”, and even his own teammates looking down on him for some of his actions, when all he wants is to play the sport he loves without being targeted just for who he is. I see it more and more as time goes on; celebrities, especially professional athletes such as Odell, are so quick to be judged like they are not even human.


For some reason, people believe that just because an athlete plays for a team that is different from the one that they choose to cheer and root for, that it’s okay to blatantly disrespect, scrutinize, and be flat out cruel to.

I’m not writing this post to say that everything OBJ does on and off the field is the right thing to do, or even OK to do… I am simply writing this to remind you of the very idea of what The Sonder Co. stands for. Every single person on this world; athlete, celebrity, doctor, lawyer, stay at home mom, homeless person, drug addict, or any other random passerby… They all have their own story, and it is just as important as yours is to yourself. Remember this before you judge someone else and hopefully TOGETHER, we can spread love to this hate and judgment-filled society we live in, creating unity through knowledge. Stay strong, Odell Beckham Jr.

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