The Second American Civil War Chronicles : An Introduction

The “United” States of America is no more. We all know the saying “United We Stand, Divided We fall” well, divided we most certainly are. It’s a phrase that has been embedded into the psyche of American society since before the birth of the nation.

Its origins trace back to the Ancient Greek storyteller Aesop, in his fable “The Four Oxen and the Lion, and its first use in modern times was by founding father John Dickinson, in his pre-Revolutionary War song “The Liberty Song” published, 1768.

So, let’s take a look at recent events to understand where we are as a nation, how we got to this point, and where it is ultimately heading. From the current climate in society it would appear a large number of people have reached a point of division where irreconcilable differences have led to the point where bloodshed, and war in the streets are the only options that remain. From recent events in Charlottesville Virginia, Berkeley California, Boston Massachusetts, and throughout other regions of America, I am sure many would agree that tensions are rising, and cooler heads are not prevailing. People from all walks of life have reached their breaking points where they are no longer able to live side by side amongst those with opposing views.

Then of course we have the politicians, and mainstream media pundits only fanning the flames of division, and polarization in which they are no doubt carrying out the agendas of the powers that be, to twist, distort and outright lie about what is happening to further divide the masses.

The Catalyst

On the evening of August 11th thousands from around the country gathered in opposition of the Virginia State Government’s plans to remove a statue of Confederate General, Robert E. Lee at what is now called Emancipation Park (formally Lee Park). The statue has been standing for 93 years.

The men who gathered were to attend a state approved rally the following day on the 12th called Unite the Right. The name comes from the desire to put aside any differences various groups from the right might may have, and find common ground so the preservation of this former Republic could be secured. This group of patriots and right leaning individuals were associated with groups such as, Identity Europa, Vanguard America, Oathkeepers, Three Percenters, Southern Nationalists, Neo Confederates, and American Guard which consists of the Fraternal Order of the Alt Knights and Proud Boys. They marched into the night towards the Robert E. Lee statue carrying torches, chanting such phrases as “you will not replace us”, “white lives matter” and “blood and soil”, and yes, there were members of the National Socialist Movement present. Otherwise known as Neo Nazi’s.

But even if they were chanting messages that some might consider hate, or their beliefs are centered on hate, those beliefs must be protected as all speech and beliefs are constitutionally protected regardless if you agree with them or not. So after arriving at the statue, some small fights broke out in front of it against Antifa members who had shown up to protest the statue’s existence. The night otherwise went down as planned and was surely a historic moment. And if you don’t know who Antifa really are, you will, but more on them later.

On the following day chaos ensued as the rally was about to get underway. Opposition from the violent communist group Antifa, Black Lives Matter supporters and thousands of liberals showed up in force who were told by mainstream media that neo Nazis and the KKK were holding a rally of hate and bigotry and were taking the streets. Lies of course.

Now that isn’t to say there weren’t any neo Nazi’s, and white supremacists there, but because of their presence the mainstream media did their job flawlessly in spinning the truth by lumping all the groups who had shown up under the moniker of being “white supremacists”.

The violence initially started with Antifa members doing what they do best. Random acts of violence, provocation, and cowardly attacking people on the right who were peacefully assembling for their sanctioned rally. Antifa members threw bottles of urine, shit, and paint indiscriminately into the crowd of right wingers. They maced people as they walked by, threw rocks, tear gas canisters, and did all they could to antagonize those who had gathered for the Unite the Right rally in hopes of ending it. And it was only in self-defense that anyone on the right had to return the use of violence in kind as police merely stood by and watched Antifa commit acts of violence.

Some may see the groups on the right as the ones who instigated violence by the mere fact that they came ready to defend themselves by carrying shields, wearing helmets, and would at times hold their flag poles as weapons. But many who were there knew very well the violent tactics that had been used in the past by Antifa.

After hours of back and forth between the Unite the Right groups, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and liberals, a protester from the left was killed after being trapped between two cars. James Alex Fields, a member of Vanguard America had hit the protester identified as Heather Heyer, a Virginia native, in what appears to have occurred (thanks to video posted online) in a moment of panic after protesters had blocked the road in front of James, were surrounding his car, and attacked the rear of his car with flag poles, before his car ever made impact with Heather, and other protesters.

The mainstream media instantly ruled it out as intentional before the day was even done and an investigation could occur. The day after, the nation was in an uproar as mainstream media had directed people to pay no attention to the violence on the left, but rather, focus on those on the right, who they were quick to call neo Nazis even if they had no association with the National Socialist Movement. President Trump then went on to say that, he denounced violence from many sides (which was the truth) as many sides were in fact fighting with each other, causing even further division amongst the masses resulting in the next phase of polarization being complete. The growing race war which in reality began in the early 20th century with segregation in the south, all the way to the modern day Black Lives Matter movement, in tandem with the more recent civil unrest and irreconcilable cultural differences has paved the way for the Second American Civil War.

The Seeds of Division

This didn’t happen overnight however. Some would argue that this has been a long time coming. Patriots, militia, and in more recent times, Three Percenters have been planning on this to occur for years. The militia that showed up in Charlottesville did a better job of upholding law and order then the police who just stood down. The militia movement has been growing since the 1990’s and they are ready for whatever comes next.

Massive division and protests in the streets of the United States first became prevalent in the 1960’s under President Johnson and then into the early 1970’s under President Nixon as the African American communities’ Civil Rights movement was under way, while thousands more protested against the Vietnam War.

During this time, political division had taken on new forms with extremist communist groups from the left such as the Weather Underground committing terrorist acts, bombing government buildings, and the civil rights movement taking a more violent turn with the militant Black Panthers.

By the early 1970’s the hatred and distrust towards the Federal Government reached new levels in light of the Watergate Scandal resulting in the resignation of President Nixon. However, since the birth of the Federal Government in 1871 people from every generation knew that one day there would need to be some sort of revolution against the overreaching power that seeks to eliminate states’ rights, liberties, and freedom as all empires and tyrannical governments had done in the past. So in essence the seeds for the division were planted generations ago, and are only now starting to take form. 
But there is so much more to explain in regards to recent events of the past few years which led to the violence seen in Virginia, and an understanding that needs to be had of the first American Civil War. And it absolutely must be stated that what the mainstream media is calling the right is not the constitutionally based right wing of what was once a proud and liberty minded Republic. This being within the political spectrum and those in the streets. There are constitutionalists in the midst of the groups that attended Unite the Right, but there are many who do identify as fascist, just as there are those on the left that are in fact communists, socialists, and whose sole purpose is to destroy what is left of the Republic by any means necessary. In many cases they have been socially engineered and brainwashed into their current mindsets and beliefs which are in fact not their own and go back generations. The struggle we are seeing is one of fascism vs. communism with the end goal being totalitarian globalism.

Now, the struggle true patriots must endure is to fight through this, and restore a constitutionally sound Republic to safeguard the rights of the many and ensure liberty is in tact for future generations. Our founding fathers and those that fought and died in the American Revolution did so to ensure that the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. And it has been our right and duty for generations to safeguard those liberties that so many died for to preserve. Well for the majority of the population we have failed. We are at risk of losing what liberties and freedoms we have left, and the nation stands on the brink of being ripped apart by those who care not for the liberties of others but only care for their own selfish interests.

So what next?

These chronicles will be a series in educating you on the many groups in American society that are ready to go to war, the true history of the first civil war, what the government may be planning in response to civil unrest and open war in the streets, and the history of how we got to this point. The next article in this series will focus on Antifa, the radical left and its violent history of being a major arm in the divide and conquer strategy for the powers that be going back to the early 20th century.

Long live the Republic!

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” — Thomas Jefferson