Be in Sync

I stumbled upon the Instagram page of a band yesterday and the perfect harmony by which they sang almost brought tears to my eyes, I also realized they didn’t only have harmony while singing, but even as they lived their normal lives. That was when the Holy Spirit brought to my attention something we have overlooked a long time and is fast getting scarce in this age and time: UNITY. For any good thing to come out of a body, Perfect Unity is required. From the Unity in the Trinity to the one language of the people at the tower of Babel to the oneness of Jesus and the father while He was on earth to the one accord nature of the saints as they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (to mention but a few), can 2 really work together except they agree? A threefold cord is not easily broken. The devil is well aware of this, that is why he tries to make us chase selfish interests, he is well aware of the power and success we can achieve if we looked beyond ourselves and worked together as one, with one heart and purpose. Whether at work, in your family, at that project, as a church(body of Christ), in your relationship as friends...Be UNITED. It is not rocket science, a house divided against itself will not stand. Let go of self pride and self seeking, it will cost you more being divided than being united, the glory of the group is the glory of all. No great music, great infrastructure, great automobile or even a great family is made without different members coming together to do their part. Just as the human body is one but yet with several members performing different activities, none is less important than the other, likewise in all situations, diversity gives the best opportunity for unity, so as you go out today, try to let go of your self for the glory of the group and see how you’ll all blossom. 
God bless.
If if you have been blessed by this, share with others to bless them too.