One of the greatest devices the devil has succeeded in permeating the church with today is the deceit of the unimportance of a fervent and ceaseless prayer life. I fell victim to this and it almost dealt a heavy blow to my spiritual life. On asking what was wrong the Holy Spirit started teaching me about prayer and I decided to share it over the next few days because many people are also stuck due to this. Prayer was not listed as part of the whole armour of God for a reason, because it is the enhancer, strengthener of the armour. Even if a warrior is girded with the best armour, if he isn’t strong enough to withstand the heaviness of the attacks, he will still fall, that is why the Bible says if you fail in the day of trouble, it’s because your strength is weak. Prayer is the continuous food and exercise a warrior needs to gather enough strength so as to be able to stand solidly and wield his weapons of war; a weak, hungry soldier will be cheaply defeated irrespective of the strength of his armour, it is the fuel in a car that keeps it going, no matter how sophisticated the car is, it is useless without the fuel. That is why a continuous prayer life must be maintained so as to give strength to our word study, salvation, Christian living and other areas of the Christian life. Moreover, studying and being versed in the word is useless without a prayer life to support, sustain and exercise the secrets and truths, it’s like having a set of powerful bullets with no gun to shoot them, that will not stop the enemy, in fact it’ll encourage him to prey on your the more because he’ll take advantage of your ignorance on how to use your bullets. So get to applying that which you have studied and discovered as life applicable truths by exercising this new found authority in the word. Kick start your prayer life today.
God bless #theSower