The Media and His Party Don’t Get Donald Trump But I Do

GOP candidate for president Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He’s overweight with a rough exterior; a bronzed brash, ballsy giant with the skills of P.T. Barnum confounds his critics — until now.

by Roy Steele

When I think about candidates in past elections for president, I can safely say that the major party nominees on both sides (Republican and Democrat alike) were pretty decent people who we got to know over the course of their campaigns. Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry and John McCain had good intentions, and their hearts were in the right place. They exemplified civility, self-respect, dignity, experience, good manners and intelligence. Those old white men also had the right temperament to do the job. It was their policies and positions and lack of charisma that didn’t serve them well, and they all lost.

I’ve heard countless people on both sides of the political spectrum say that the 2016 Republican party candidates for president don’t have the personal and professional qualities that we expect a major party’s nominee to have. Many pundits whisper that they think all the GOP wannabe’s aren’t suitable for the job and won’t win the big contest. Others profess that they’ll sit out the general election entirely.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is The Emperor with No Clothes

And Then There Were Three

Senator Marco The Emperor with No Clothes Rubio (R-FL) dropped out of the 2016 GOP field this week when he failed to win his home state.

A Time Magazine cover story featuring Rubio in 2013 characterized the Florida Senator as ‘The Republican Savior’. When he announced that he was running for president, wrote that “his autobiography is virtually devoid of substantive accomplishments beyond a local tree-planting project.” Can you believe his campaign never gained any traction with voters? I wonder why.

The big question that befuddles the GOP cognoscenti is who has the chops, money, endurance, wherewithal and ability to win the remaining primaries and caucuses. Who has a shot at collecting the 1,237 delegates to be the party’s nominee?

Governor John Kasich (R-OH) campaigns in New Hampshire.

Winner of the Ohio primary, John Kasich has the experience and temperament that we expect from our candidates for president, so he checks that box. Who cares about the allegations that Kasich is bad tempered behind the scenes (where it belongs). As a big state governor, he’s most qualified to be President and HAS TO WIN EVERY single primary and caucus between now and June to be the nominee. He has zero percent chance of doing that.

Rafael E. ‘theocracy’ Cruz (‘Ted’ is an anglicized nickname) has been a US Senator for three years and has no accomplishments in Washington except for shutting down the federal government (which cost taxpayers billions of dollars). Cruz hides his rabidly anti-gay religious fanatic father and his own Orthodox dogma when television cameras are around, and quotes scripture and prays and tells evangelicals that God chose him to run for president when the cameras are gone. The charlatan needs to win 80% of the delegates remaining to win the GOP nomination, and he has zero percent chance of doing that. Thank God.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks before a New Hampshire crowd.

CEO and entertainer Donald Trump’s a populist nationalist demagogue with no realistic plans or substantive policy prescriptions or experience in government. Like every Republican politician that’s come before him, he promises the moon to the American people without the means to deliver on them. ‘The Donald’ makes promises that violate our laws and infringe on rights guaranteed by our Constitution. His blatant disregard for our fundamental rights indicates that candidate Trump is either stupid and ignorant or manipulative and pandering, or perhaps all of the above. Regardless, his ability to get free media attention while pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of supporters is remarkable. Even more stunning is his ability to rack up wins and hundreds of delegates while the wizard behind the curtain pulls out his hair in frustration.

It’s impossible to predict the mood of the Republican party electorate and how they will vote in each contest over the next three months. We’ll hear talking heads and reporters jabber on about a brokered convention while others will mention that the GOP establishment wants to stop the frontrunner and likely nominee.

It’s a fact people so get used to it. Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the race with the most delegates and the best chance of clinching the nomination.

The March 15, 2016 primary results reflect the total delegates won, and the pie chart reflects the percentage of delegates won from Iowa through March 15th, 2016.

Who’s That Girl With The Orange Swirl

I’ve suddenly become obsessed with the man with orange skin and dyed blonde hair and manicured nails who can’t read a speech in a public arena and is probably going to be the Republican party’s candidate for president. This old man who loves himself and talks and talks and offends half the planet in the process is going to be force fed to us for the next eight months.

After his recent victory in the Michigan primary, Trump held a press conference and stood behind a podium, surrounded by an array of products. There were bottles of wine, raw steaks, stacks of a magazine, and lots of little bottles of water.

Donald Trump was ticked off about the criticism from Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney who called him a loser and questioned his leadership skills. He’d show that phony what a winner looked like. He stood before the press, and he talked about his successful career and the “products” bearing Trump’s name.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Own Trump Steaks, A Magazine, University, Airline, Winery or Water Company

He started with Trump Steaks. “Do we have steaks? We have Trump steaks,” he boasted. “If you want to take one, we’ll charge you about, what, 50 bucks a steak? I understand steaks. It’s my favorite food. And these are the best.”

Trump Steaks cannot be purchased, and the business no longer exists. In fact, none of the businesses he called attention to at his press conference is currently owned or operated by Donald J. Trump.

Next was Trump Magazine. “We have a magazine.” He holds a magazine in the air. “This comes out, and it’s called The Jewel of Palm Beach, and we — it goes to all of my clubs.”

The Jewel of Palm Beach magazine is published annually and distributed to Trump’s hotel properties. He does not own the magazine or receive any revenue from ad sales. The magazine is available in hotel rooms.

Trump University. “When we win the lawsuit it’s going to do very well, and it will continue to do very well.”

Former Trump University students filed suit alleging fraud while the New York Attorney General filed his own complaint against Trump and his associates alleging he defrauded students of a collective $40 million.

Trump Airline. “Well, I sold the airline, and I actually made a great deal, complicated and in really terrible times. The economy was horrible, and I made a phenomenal deal.”

Trump purchased the Eastern Airlines Shuttle and owned it in 1989. He sold the Trump Shuttle to US Air. It’s unclear how long he owned the small airline.

Trump Wine. “We have wine. I own it 100 percent, no mortgage, no debt.”

The winery’s website says: “Trump Winery is a registered trade name of Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, which is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.”

Trump Water. “I mean, we sell water, and we have water, and it’s a very successful, you know, it’s a private little water company, and I supply the water for all my places, and it’s good.”

Trump does not own or distribute the water that bears his name. The water is available for sale at his properties just like Coke and Pepsi.

“So you have the water; you have the steaks; you have the airline that I sold. I mean, what’s wrong with selling? Every once in awhile you can sell something. You have the wines and all of that, and Trump University, we’re going to start it up as soon as I win the lawsuit. Does that make sense? I mean, that’s it. OK?”

A pie chart comparison of total GOP delegates won through March 14, 2016 and the revised percent of total GOP delegates won through March 15, 2016.

I Finally Figured Donald Trump Out

Conscious of the criticism he’d receive for being a huckster, he then made a bold statement that he’d be more presidential than every president save Abraham Lincoln.

“I can be more presidential than anybody. When I have 16 people coming at me from 16 different angles, you don’t want to be so presidential. You have to win; you have to beat them back. I would be more presidential than anybody but the great Abe Lincoln. He was very presidential. Right?”

Wrong! Abraham Lincoln was our greatest president and an orator with a gift for telling stories and connecting with the people. He was whip smart, good humored and freakishly tall with a difficult marriage and a life marked by tragedy and loss. Lincoln was severely depressed and suffered from a major depressive disorder. Is that presidential? It’s certainly not Trump.

Donald Trump is not presidential and never will be. He has nothing in common with honest Abe. Trump is self-obsessed and talks about himself. He isn’t part of the New York old money establishment, the Washington political establishment or Palm Beach society. The Donald is wealthy and accustomed to buying credibility, and that’s reflected in this campaign for president.

Does this mythical man think that no one will verify or check his claims? How humiliating it must be to stand in front of a room full of reporters to talk about companies that aren’t real, as if they are income generating assets in his portfolio of investments. Donald Trump wasn’t humiliated at all and continues telling fibs and lies.

Who would do such a thing and why would they do it? Why does he keep telling outlandish stories? Is he that insecure? Does he need our approval so badly that he’ll do anything for attention? The answer’s so obvious and it’s staring at us right in the face. In a word — yes.

Think about it. Donald Trump is a sad figure running for president because the ‘establishment’ has never accepted or taken him seriously. To go to such great lengths and extremes for love is sad. We’ve all done crazy things for love or to be loved — and now I can suddenly relate to the son of a bitch. I’ve been there, and I get it.

Donald Trump wants people to like him. Even love him. On some level, he knows he can’t win the general election in November and that’s okay with him if he feels the love from the people.

Election Day 2016 Is All About Love

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump will concede defeat and say that it was a great race and worth spending every penny. Even though he’ll lose the election he’ll feel like a winner. The outpouring of sympathy and love after losing a historic race for president will quench Trump’s thirst for affection.

The Grand Old Party could disintegrate over the course of his campaign. Worry not for Trump as he will boast that he’s a rich man and a winner. He’ll proclaim that he’s “very successful and owns some of the world’s best properties with little debt.”

Donald Trump walks off the stage of every campaign rally and tells the people “I love you, folks. I love you.”

What would happen if his party and the people loved Donald Trump back?

What if they said I love you too?