“However, cis girls and women — in general — experience the privilege of being seen, accepted and…
pauline y

Being seen as a girl child means being taught from birth that you belong to an inferior class of people. It means being stripped of most of your humanity through the process of girlhood. Being “seen” as a woman is not much better.

How would you feel if everyone in your life called you a man though? Or forced you to pretend to be a boy throughout your childhood even though you knew you weren’t? Because that is what trans women experience every day.

For you to argue that a girl being gendered male without her consent is a privilege shows how little you understand trans women or transmisogyny. Raquel Willis has tried her best to break down how trans women experience the world, and yet you still come on here with your ignorance and cissplain womanhood to her. As if she hasn’t lived and breathed womanhood every day of her life.

No matter how many essays or books trans women wrote or how much evidence of their trans girlhoods they provided, you still wouldn’t believe them. And that’s what we call transmisogyny.

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