“The House” Movie Review - Are Comedy Movies Dying ?

These days a good comedy is hard to come by. With the movie landscape having the superhero genre or a just major franchise taking every spot on the calendar possible. Sure these movies do have some comedic moments but solid comedy movies are becoming fewer and fewer throughout the years. And yes, I know you still have movies out there (Neighbors, 21 Jump Street….possibly Trainwreck) that are pretty good comedies. OR maybe there is a question that already had an answer due to the fact I was able to name a few. But there is something still missing with today’s scarce comedy genre.

Take example for this week’s journey to the Palladium to view Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s new movie “The House.” And I will have to say you might want to save your time with this movie. This is a movie that has maybe 2–3 total funny moments for each actor in here. The jokes were half baked and just felt that they were made on the spot (sometimes that can be good). I would put this on same level as a Pixels/Jack and Jill movie. Where no one give’s a crap! And they are collecting a paycheck. This is a project is where both actors can do better. But in this day and age, attention spans are shorter than ever. This movie will be forgotten in a matter of days. Not weeks or months but days! Maybe even hours with the kind of jokes and plot that are thrown into this movie. Hollywood know this because of one thing…the lowest common denominator. People will see this movie because of the names attached and that it is supposed to be a Comedy. Which brings me to the title of this piece.

Sure these two actors have been entertaining for decades in TV and Film. Regardless which movie/show we are talking about from Blades of Steel or Anchorman to Sisters or Wet Hot American Summer they have provided a smile or laugh to at least anyone of us. Movies are subjective. Comedies are subjective.

Are comedy movies dying? Can there be a resurgence of comedy movies in this landscape if they are? What do you think?

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