SPY NEWS: 2022 — Week 25

1. Greek Media Reports About Former NIS Officer V. Yiannopoulos

2. Spy Collection: The Arrest of MI6 Spy (Russian GRU officer) Sergei Skripal in Moscow (2004)

3. GCHQ’s Operation POPPY — UK Armed Forces Charity

4. North Korean Cyber Espionage Operation Targeting Russia

5. Video: Pro-Tip by Former CIA Operative on Surveillance Radio Kits

6. Paraguay Spy Agency Behind the Tip-Off in Argentina’s IRGC Operation

7. Iran Arrests 3 Mossad Agents Trying to Recruit Employees of the Fordow Nuclear Fuel Enrichment Plant

8. US Space Force Establishes New Intelligence Unit at WP AFB

9. HUMINT Insights from the Muller/Cherkasov Case

10. Croatian Intelligence Sets Up OSINT Centre of Excellence

11. Webinar: Gay Espionage in Cold War Germany

12. Ukrainian SBU Announces Recently Completed Counter-Intelligence Operations

13. Australian State Bans Nazi Swastikas After ASIO Warning

14. New Cyber Espionage from India Targets Sri Lanka’s Military

15. Video: U-2 Dragon Lady: America’s Legendary Spy Plane

16. US DoJ Sentences Mexican Citizen Acting as Russian SVR Spy to 4 Years in Federal Prison

17. FIVE EYES “Fabricating Evidence” and “Rumours” of China Infiltration

18. New Director for France’s DRSD

19. Microsoft: Countering Foreign Information Operations

20. Gambia’s SIS Training Academy for Security Studies will be a Centre of Excellence in Security Studies in Africa

21. SUAVEEYEFUL: A Cyber Espionage Tool Used in the 2000s by the US Intelligence Community to Spy on China and Japan

22. Russian FSB and Belarusian KGB Stop Private Investigations Firm Collecting Personal Information on Protected Individuals

23. French DGSE Announces 2 New Public Events

24. Podcast: True Spies: Sexpionage, Part 3: The Lover, the Ax, and Leon Trotsky

25. Google TAG Uncovers New Cyber Espionage Operations in Italy and Kazakhstan

26. Haspel Personally Observed CIA Waterboarding, Witness Testifies

27. Canada’s CSIS Warns of Increase in State-Sponsored Disinformation Operations

28. New Cyber Espionage Operation Targeting the Military of Kyrgyzstan

29. Podcast: SpyCast: From Navy Analyst to State Dept. Intelligence Chief

30. China’s SIGINT Facilities in Cocos Islands, a Threat to India

31. Spy Way of Life: Convitto Nazionale “Vittorio Emanuele II”

32. Unidentified Actors Used Strava to Spy and Track Movements of Israeli Military Personnel

33. Video: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold War — Infiltration at the PMML

34. US Army Helicopter Pilot Pleaded Guilty for Being a Chinese Spy

35. Dutch MIVD Celebrates 20th Anniversary and Holds Public Symposium

36. Turkish MİT Assassinates Female PKK Official in Iraq

37. Indian Cyber Espionage Operation Targeting Pakistan

38. Ukrainian SBU Exposes Russian GRU Network Including Ukrainian Politicians

39. Video: Chinese Spy Who Stole United States Military Secrets

40. NIST: Alan Turing’s Everlasting Contributions to Computing, AI and Cryptography

41. Former Somali Spymaster Points Finger at ex-Djibouti Police Chief

42. Albanian SHISH Releases 2021 Public Report

43. Chinese Spy Met UK Justice Officials to Discuss Irish Visas

44. Interview with former SVR Deep-Cover Spy Elena Vavilova

45. NSO Group’s Pegasus Used by at Least 5 EU Countries

46. German BfV Releases “Methods of Espionage: HUMINT”

47. Chinese Cyber Operators Use Ransomware as Decoy in Cyber Espionage Operations

48. United States NRO Launch Mission 111 Highlights

49. Australian ONI to Assess Climate Change Security Risks

50. Turkish MİT Thwarts Iranian Kidnaping of Former Israeli Ambassador

51. Lithuania Reports Steep Increase of Cyber Denial of Service Attacks Against Government Entities

52. MI5, MI6 and GCHQ Will Need Permission to Access Communications Data

53. Former South African Spy Chief Failed Due Process

54. European Court Ruling on Air Travel Surveillance

55. Podcast: Former CIA Covert Operative A. Bustamante

56. Swiss CSS Report on the IT Army of Ukraine: Structure, Tasking and Ecosystem

57. SFJ Accuses India’s RAW for Backing Terrorist Attacks

58. Russian GRU Cyber Operators Use Fear of Nuclear War as Theme to Target Entities in Ukraine

59. Iranian Engineer’s Death at Military Site Attributed to Sabotage

60. Turkish Article Talks About MİT Successes and Other Intelligence Agencies’ (Greece, US and UK) Operations Related to Turkey

61. Podcast: Team House: From Delta Operator to Professional Mercenary

62. IRGC Spy Chief Replaced Over Recent Failures

63. Ukrainian GUR Says that Russia is Conducting Covert Mobilisation Campaign

64. Turkish MİT Captures Greek Citizen Accused of Being NIS Agent

65. Iraqi INIS Targeted by Shiite Militia Groups Targeting PM Kadhimi

66. India’s R&AW Chief Gets One Year Extension; IB Gets New Chief

67. Twitter Hires ‘Alarming Number’ Of US Government’s Ex-FBI Agents, Feds and Spies

68. Ukrainian President Wants to Replace Head of SBU Due to Intelligence Failures

69. CNN on the Suspected Deep-Cover GRU Officer AIVD Exposed



Weekly summaries of all published espionage-related news stories.

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