Cold War between Single Message vs MBBS!

Warning: This is purely for non-tech people not for techies if you’re one, you’d get bored.

Summary: From time to time we receive trolls, a hoax. Specifically, forward this message to 10–15 people to pass in your semester exam blah blah even if you’re a dropout or to save that innocent kid who’s been suffering from cancer and you’re a soft-hearted person you’d do it typing amen, Its applicable for those stingy guys who want to save some lakhs by not joining MBBS so you’ll go ahead and forward it without even knowing what that’d do. I quickly wanna demystify such things here!

I believe such messages could cause massive things. Trust me, these forwarded message has the power to defame anyone or you could do many things with it, so kindly check whether it’s legit or not before forwarding it to 20 friends to get 20 rupees from WhatsApp Compenyyy! :3

Also check this to know how to get arrested :

I really wanted to describe a bit about it, as I was *bored*

Awareness Post

Nowadays, We have many ways to reach someone within a second and it has its pros and cons.

So, yesterday morning I received a message from my school friend via WhatsApp and the message was like, don’t touch it or else your phone will crash.Initially, I thought it was overstated and it was something similar to below

Eventually, I did and my phone got crashed and so badly I wanted to look into it, to know how does this happens and eventually come to know it’s a simple buffer-code overflow!

After this, I went ahead copied and pasted in chrome and even chrome got crashed after this. So, I had to open and did inspect element to find what’s behind this message. finally came to know that it was an RLM and its being sent along with a text and the messages in front of them are RLM and they’re invisible characters.

Due to n number of RLM, the phone is getting crashed that’s all. it’s not magic and s**t :/

What’s RLM?

The right-to-left mark (RLM) is a non-printing character used in the computerized typesetting of bi-directional text containing mixed left-to-right scripts (such as English and Cyrillic) and right-to-left scripts (such as Persian, Arabic, Syriac, and Hebrew).

RLM is used to change the way adjacent characters are grouped with respect to text direction.

Source : Wikipedia.

Also, I received one more such message which was spreading wild. Check it here,

PS :- This is only for non-techie people not for legends!


This issue has been solved in latest version of Apple devices. CVE assigned.

APPLE-SA-2018-06-01-1 macOS High Sierra 10.13.5, Security Update 2018-003 Sierra, Security Update 2018-003 El Capitan

APPLE-SA-2018-06-01-4 iOS 11.4

APPLE-SA-2018-06-01-5 watchOS 4.3.1

APPLE-SA-2018-06-01-6 tvOS 11.4
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