It’s not Facebook’s fault…

Day after day I hear people telling me that Facebook doesn’t work anymore, or that it’s a waste of time.

I’ll be honest, this mostly makes me laugh. Not because I don’t feel the frustration of plummeting views, and increased focus on the idea that I should be paying to play. I do, occasionally.

An artist doesn’t blame his paint, why are you blaming a marketing tool?

This really is about how you’re USING the tool. I’ll give you that Facebook has rolled out change after change, but it’s your job to start rolling with those changes instead of against them.

Facebook isn’t a non-profit, driven by a mission of connecting you with that loser ex-boyfriend who won’t stop sending you friend requests.

Facebook is a business, and I bet you can guess how they make money.

Ads revenue is why they have built the user base and daily visitor numbers they have. It’s not because they really want you to be friends with a girl you met at a sleep over in the 3rd grade. It’s because they want you to engage with ads so they can sell more ads.

I know it’s tricky, but guess what, a lot of your favorite blogs are using the same business model. In fact, I bet even a few people reading this are using this business model themselves.

What worked 3 years ago, doesn’t work now… accept it and move on.

Start figuring out what works now, instead of stuffing links behind photos, just post a link post.

Instead of participating in every Facebook Party Friday to grow meaningless likes, spend time getting your existing community engaged with your content.

Ohh and most importantly create better content! People don’t want to engage with crap, no matter how many times Facebook puts it in front of them. So create stuff they want to click on, read, listen to, watch, and engage with.

Be a brand people want to be a part of.

If you can’t be engaging, if you can’t get people on board with your message, your mission, and your brand then you’re right. Facebook is a total waste of time.

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