Introducing our new strategy: The Startup is turning the page. This mini-guide explains everything you need to know to join our roster of contributors.

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By Caitlin Raux Gunther

I’m excited to take on the role of Editor in Chief of The Startup, Medium’s largest publication (680K+ followers). Our tagline, “Build Something Awesome,” gets to the heart of our mission: to help readers get smarter at building their things; and to offer writers a platform to share their stories — of work, inspiration, and creativity.

This year in Paris, after the mandatory quarantine was lifted, one of the first things I did was visit the Centre Pompidou, Paris’s modern art museum. The featured exhibition was a tribute to late artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, whom I first discovered through their installation, The Gates, in New York City’s Central Park. I was a college student at the time and rode the subway downtown to experience what seemed like a unique moment in history. …

A mini-guide to formatting your writing

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Formatting tricks will never cover up poor writing. But poor formatting can ruin the reading experience no matter how good the writing is.

We’ve brought together 16 formatting tips to up your Medium game.

Formatting the above-the-fold section: titles, subtitles, hero image.

1. Couple your “title” with a “subtitle”

In the most cluttered marketplace in history, grabbing the attention of your readers begins even before they land on your story — think of platforms where people discover your post in the first place.

On social media newsfeeds or search engine result pages, your stories will appear only as a tiny preview: title, subtitle, and a thumbnail image.

And your subtitle, together with your main title, will heavily impact your story’s CTRs within those few minutes where people decide whether to click through or not. …

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Screenshots shared by some of the writers we published on our Medium publication, The Startup

The four numbers you see in the images above:





That’s how much some of our writers earned per month from publishing their articles on Medium.

In a world where people exploit freelancers to ghostwrite a 1000-word article for as little as $5, making a living from writing isn’t easy.

And Medium might be onto building the first ever platform where writers can finally blog and get paid by doing what they love.

Let’s take a realistic look at how much Medium’s Partner Program pays writers

We publish dozens of writers on our The Startup publication every month. While the screenshots above present a promising overview, we also know that not every writer on the Medium Partner Program earns that much money. …

Pubs that actually accept submissions and publish regularly

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There are a few useful websites that rank Medium’s leading publications.

Ranking publications is great but many of those pubs now remain inactive as they no longer accept submissions from writers.

We wanted to bring together a continuously updated list of Medium’s most-followed and active publications that also accept submissions from new writers.

We’ll be revising this list every month to make sure it is up to date. A few highlights on what has been happening on top of that list recently:


The Startup

Editors of The Startup (, Medium’s largest publication. We’ve just launched Curious (, our new publication.

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