25 Crazy Things You Craved During Pregnancy

We asked The Stay Calm Mom Facebook community: “What’s the weirdest thing you craved during your pregnancy?” Here are some of your craziest, funniest responses.*

1. “Twinkies and hot sauce.” — Dannielle Nisenoff

2. “Onions… I wanted to eat them like they were apples!” — Nicole Renee Bruers

3. “With my first BLTs and I normally don’t touch bacon and strawberries by the quart. With my second plain, hot elbow macaroni and plums by the dozen.” — Diane Turrell Graf

4. “Strawberries with Tajín (like chili powder).” — Jacqueline Betancourt

5. “Rice Krispies with BBQ chips on top and vanilla ice cream with BBQ chips.” — Kelly Alesi

6. “Deep fried black olives.” — Ashley Ruttman

7. “Shrimp scampi and hot dogs.” — Erin Conley

8. “Tuna for breakfast.” — Jessie Smith

9. “With my first son, A1 sauce and Cool Whip, together.” — Tiffany Bennett

10. “Ketchup. I hate ketchup and I wanted it on french fries every single day. Since I’ve had my baby I don’t eat it anymore.” — Emily Darlak

11. “Chinese egg drop soup. Before we knew the sex, we called baby ‘Lil Egg Drop.’” — Mandi Marie

12. “I ate Pickles dipped in ranch dressing and has to have V8 to wash it down with!” — Rebecca Doty

13. “Everything I ate had to be doused in hot sauce.” — Rebecca Mellott

14. “I’m 6 months, so far just mayo and/mustard mixed together has been my biggest weird craving and drinking milk which I hate.” — Jovan Vargas

15. “A Jell-O sandwich.” — Carolyn Sadler

16. “Deep fried pickles with a Sriracha dipping sauce.” — Lisa Aguilar

17. “Tuna salad, SpaghettiOs, mangos, Cocoa Puffs, Brussels sprouts, and donuts.” — Andrea Monique Hauge

18. “I could drink a gallon of chocolate milk a day! I still crave it from time to time now and she is 7 months old.” — Stephanie Kuske

19. “Potato chips with Reese’s chocolate peanut butter spread. My husband wouldn’t even look at me while I ate it.” — Crazina DeChello

20. “Canned peas. Cold and straight out of the can only, no bowl allowed. Weird.” — Meghan Deitterick

21. “Horseradish, potato chip and salami sandwich on potato bread.” — Tara Kemppainen

22. “I wanted sautéed vegetables with every meal, but I also wanted hot fudge… so I put the two together! Green vegetables with hot fudge on them!” — Wendy Avila

23. “With my last I would get up at 3:30am and eat a Pop-Tarts, then go right back to sleep.” — Kalyn Cash

24. “Sour cream, literally ate it with everything. I couldn’t stand milk while I was pregnant so I would eat breakfast cereal in like a cup of sour cream. I had fruit and sour cream, sour cream in my oatmeal, the list would go on forever.” — Rochelle Wafer

25. “My ex.” — Bethany Leah

What other pregnancy cravings did you have? Let us know in the comments or share them on The Stay Calm Mom!

* Some responses have been edited for clarity, grammar, and spelling.

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