Like These 75 Things? Then You’ll Definitely Love Being a Mom

Can anything really prepare you for the highs and lows of motherhood? From the snuggles to the slobber, a new mom learns quickly to treasure the special moments, but to always expect the unexpected.

We asked The Stay Calm Mom Facebook community to finish this sentence: “If you like _______, you’ll love being a mom.”

And, well, you had a lot of fun with the responses (and the sarcasm). Here are 75 of our favorites.*

  1. “Never ever sleeping. Ever.” —Heather Denise Royal

2. “Being covered in baby food and formula.” —Megan Cunningham

3. “The sweetest smile to greet you every morning.” — Melonie Allen

4. “So. Much. Drool. On your face, clothes, bed, hands, everywhere.” — Hailey Ann

5. “Cold dinner.” —Stacy Haden

6. “Being held tight because they truly love and need you.” —Lauren Her

7. “Cleaning up bodily fluids that aren’t yours.” —Heather Kolb

8. “A tiny hand poking you in the eye and mouth.” —Lichelle Gullett

9. “A challenge.” —Madison Paige

10. “Listening to a baby scream and cry all day long when they’re teething.” —Carol Redcay

11. “Being up at 4 a.m.” —Steph Brueggeman

12. “Being told ‘no’ every 30 seconds and saying ‘no’ every 30 seconds.” —Marilyn Rose

13. “Loving someone so much you’ll never get a good nights rest again.” —Angela Tsoukalas

14. “Cleaning up the same toys and same things all day long.” —Nicole Woy

15. “Fetching snacks for tiny humans.” —Naomi Florence

16. “Using the bathroom with an audience.” —Lindsey Frost

17. “Being a mattress.” —Kelsey Villa

18. “Baby giggles.” —Ally Gribble

19. “Refereeing.” —Madeline Brown

20. “Being peed on, pooped on, and barfed on.” —Emily Anne Fisher

21. “Being asked 500 questions a day.” —Sandra Alvarez Salinas

22. “Constantly changing your shirt.” —Alisha Danielle Andriotis

23. “Lack of a sex life!” —Sierra Whitlock

24. “Baby snuggles.” —Jessica Andrews

25. “Never having a minute alone.” —DaNae Peters

26. “Poop in the bathtub.” —April McHugh

27. “All nighters.” —Jill Bivins

28. “Quick, 2 minute showers.” —Mandi Sturgill

29. “Sticky kisses.” — Christina Fuller

30. “Sticky hands.” —Jessica Ann Largus

31. “Sticky furniture.” —Crystal Tower

32. “Everything sticky!” —Burgundy Reagan

33. “Chipped/smudged nail polish.” —Gabrielle Elaine

34. “Having someone glued to your side 24/7.” —Caitlin McIntee

35. “Repeating yourself !” —Jessica E. Mason

36. “Guessing games.” —Melinda Danielle

37. “Touching partial eaten food.” —Lauren McKay

38. “Wiping butts.” —Janessa Hollie

39. “Endless piles of laundry.” —Rochel Fields

40. “Drinking coffee an hour after you made it.” —Holly Bihm

41. “Sweet kisses.” —Ermelinda Rrenja Grigoriadis

42. “Adventure.” —Melissa Roller

43. “Story-time.” — Jazmine Jordan

44. “Dancing. There will be dancing.” —Morgan Le Fay

45. “High-pitched screaming.” —Kandra Caitlyn Viescas

46. “Finding out who you really are, and working for who you wish to be.” —Cristen Blevins

47. “Baby laughter, giggles and smiles!” —Frances Ann Harrington

48. “Exhaustion.” — Casey Thomas

49. “Boogers on everything you own.” —Dana Justice

50. “Mayhem.” —Audrey M Kinner

51. “Being needed!” —Staci Hill

52. “Not being able to relax.” —Shelley Turner

53. “Buying nothing for yourself.” —Danielle Ball

54. “Tickling and being silly.” —Emily Carrington

55. “Cooking food no one will eat.” —Jessica Stierwalt

56. “Never being clean.” —Dana Justice

57. “Quickie sex.” —Coral Ebberson

58. “Earth shattering noise!” —Lillian Phillips

59. “Sharing everything.” —Samantha Diane Martinez

60. “Never feeling in control.” —Rachel Hovey

61. “Hearing your name over and over.” —Lanelle Thomas

62. “The word why. Just why, why, why.” —Rochelle Wafer

63. “Never knowing what’s going on and always worrying.“ —Catey Mac

64. “Lifetime learning.” —Melissa White

65. “Being scratched by tiny fingernails.” —Jennifer Christine

66. “Multi-tasking under chaos.” —Annie Faure

67. “Unconditional love.” — Theresia Joy Dean

68. “People giving you unsolicited advice!” —Nicole Ossevoort

69. “Late night cuddles.” —Melissa Mertins

70. “Open mouthed toddler kisses!” —DeAnna Lauren Headrick

71. “Being jabbed with boney feet and elbows incessantly.” —Casey McInturff

72. “Talking to a brick wall.” —Jessica Jacobus

73. “Vomit.” —Ashley Biddle

74. “Temper tantrums.” — Diana Crouch

75. “Becoming super human.” —Kaci Laws

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* Some responses have been edited for clarity, grammar, and spelling.