How to do huge things before you feel ready

Steve Ferris
Sep 13, 2018 · 3 min read

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer

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We live in a time where knowledge and individual power are accelerating at a rate near hyperspeed. We can work smarter, grow faster, and win more than ever before if we choose to be learners. Here’s how we can do the big things even when we don’t feel ready.

When we were kids we would dream. We would desire the craziest things and see no reason why it couldn’t be so. “I’m going to live in this tree house we just built out of rotten wood.” “I’d like a pet whale for Christmas.” Nothing crazy about that. Somewhere we developed a limited perspective. We gave up on impossible dreams we had as children, but why?

There has been a lot of brainwashing that you have to “pay your dues” before you can do anything of substance. This often means you need to wait your turn because other people have been working longer than you, and they should get their chance first. But why? If we can hack our way ahead we should. Paying dues sucks, and if you can get more done with less effort and time, then you ought to be the smart cookie you are and do it. Here are a couple ways to charge ahead and tackle those enormous ideas and impossible dreams.

Get a mentor.

Mentors can guide you around hidden traps, and show you your blindspots. They have experience that can cut years off your journey if you apply it now. A mentor can be anyone who has done what you want to do. They can be a personal mentor or a mentor from afar. When I say “from afar”, I mean that you can learn from them through their books, blogs and videos. If you have a personal mentor, it does not need to be a formal mentor/mentee relationship. If you can be honest with them and they are willing to be honest with you, that’s ideal. Your relationship could just be an occasional email where you tell them what you’re doing and allowing them to offer feedback. Asking them out for coffee can look like an endless black hole of time commitment, and will scare potential mentors away sometimes. Just reach out to ask, and don’t require too much from them.

Big ideas are just a lot of little steps.

Don’t be afraid of really big ideas. When the idea strikes, just figure out the next step. Maybe you have an idea for something that you have no experience with. It may seem that you should leave it to someone else who knows about it. But that could also be your life changing opportunity you gave up because you were too afraid to try and figure it out.

Richard Branson was running a music empire. One day he had his own idea of how airlines should be, and the same day he secured the 1st airplane of the Virgin Air fleet. He didn’t back away like many of us would. He got on the phone and started to ask around about what the next step would be. He worked up a deal to lease a plane so he could try his concept out. The rest is history. He’s got Virgin Air and even Virgin Galactic.

Just start to talk to people about your ideas. Even if you are unsure where to go with them yourself, someone will know what the next step is.

You don’t need permission

No one has to tell you that you’re ready, you decide that. Learn as much as you can and start applying what you know. Get social and start sharing your dreams with people who are smarter than you. Odds are much better that people will get excited to help you bring your vision to life than try to steal it.

What do you want to bring to the world this year? Is it overwhelmingly huge? Great, go for it. What’s the next step? Send an email? Make a phone call?

Whatever it is, make the move.

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