What’s Your Sleeping Beauty?

Steve Ferris
Sep 13, 2018 · 2 min read

A recent client meeting reminded me of this concept.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauties are those things that we have at our disposal, but we often overlook because they’ve been there so long. These hidden gems have the power to move us toward our “happily ever after”.

Is it a skill, an asset, connection or network that you have, but haven’t utilized for a long time?

Sleeping beauty was locked in a tower, alone and forgotten. We can’t be isolated from our professional communities. We need perceptive people to help spot our overlooked traits. This is just another reason to invest in your community and keep yourself out there so people can see you and help you along.

I listen carefully to what my clients want, but I often have to point out that what they are asking for does not include the powerful things linked to their passion and drive. They know there’s something noble and beautiful behind why they do what they do, but often times, it’s hard to put into clear words.

We often take for granted our skills, the people we know, and even why we get up in the morning.

So why let our greatest assets sleep?

Maybe Sleeping Beauty is too beautiful, and we don’t want that attention. Once you identify and share your newly discovered value you may find that you attract a lot more people than you are used to.

Maybe we’re afraid Sleeping Beauty will steal the show and overshadow what we thought was our greatest value. What if your main thing isn’t your main thing? It may completely change your personal brand. It may totally shift your company’s value proposition. It, however, will be totally worth it.

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Steve Ferris

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"Break rules. Win hearts." I'm a Stockholm digital marketer/copywriter/content producer. 🌐thesteveferris.com

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