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Or is it just a fairy tale ending?

I have always had this idea that I should be married and have children before a certain age. Say 35.

Now I am 32, single. In the middle of a pandemic.

In the last 8 months, since the pandemic started, I spent most of my evenings home alone, watching Netflix and reading books.

Before the pandemic, I used to go out almost every night. Even if I wasn’t sure about the company — but, who knows, I might have found The One out there.

With all the new alone-time coming with restrictions and the lockdown, I am seriously asking myself…

Maybe your answer lies in between.

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I grew up in a family with very clear ideas on what is right and wrong. Disagreement was wrong.

As I grew up, my ideas about the world changed. Today, I don’t see the world the way my parents do.

In my twenties, I used to hide my different ideas. Now, my parents are just other adults. I respect their ideas, and I can disagree.

However, relating with parents that believe agreement = love is not always easy.

My parents have very clear ideas of what is right and wrong. I haven’t.

I grew up in a family that has very clear opinions of how the world should turn. How people should behave. …

And what to ask instead.

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There’s one simple question we were asked when we were young.

Who do you want to be?

It’s like asking “which box do you want to fit in?”

It puts a lot of emphasis on the role you want to have in society. Not on your interests and passions.

What do you like doing? What brings you joy?

That’s a completely different question.

I believe it’s the one we should follow if we want to live a happy, meaningful life.

Our society is based on roles. We grow up dreaming of our future role.

When we are at school, we are asked who we want to become. …

Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?

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I was raised in a small town in northern Italy.

My family, friends, and neighbors firmly believed that everyone should spend his/her life in the same place. They took it for granted.

In the last 10 years, I have lived elsewhere. People at “home” still ask me when I am going back.

While I have always had the idea of going back someday, now I am changing my mind.

Most importantly, I am letting go of guilt.

Who lives in only one place rarely challenges his/her ideas…

If you live all your life in one place, around the same people, you will hardly challenge your own ideas. You’ll probably spend…

The pandemic helped me to figure it out, and it is not my hometown.

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If you are a student, or if you work far from your birthplace, the Corona pandemic has given you a chance to move back home. Where your parents and family are, or where you were raised.

Why should you stay in another place if everything is going remote?

In March, the pandemic forced all of us to choose one place and call it home. Some of us didn’t have a choice. Some others found themselves stuck in one place. Some left their apartments and got back with the family.

Now it has been eight months since the pandemic started. I…

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People will not learn to wear face masks by magic. But behavioral insights and nudges can help.

By now, most of us accepted that our lifestyles will have to change for some time — at least until a vaccine is available and distributed.

Governments are starting to ease restrictions, hopefully finding alternative ways to keep the spreading of the virus low enough. Most countries are developing Apps for contact tracing, while enforcing safety measures to prevent people from getting infected when going outside.

In some regions, face masks are compulsary to go outside. Posters are starting to show people how to change their behaviors — how to properly wash their hands, for example.

Yet, it’s not as…

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Learning to love both parts of me — the old and new ones.

Italy. Six weeks after the lockdown started.

After the first weeks, I discovered a new me. A new “old” me.

I rediscovered all my (nerd) teenage passions. All those things I put apart in my 20s. Now, those passions are my best resources in the lockdown.

And this turned to be a great chance to make peace with my adolescence.

A shy, nerd teenage girl

As a teenager, I was completely different from who I am today.

I was scared of relating to new people. It used to take me around a year to consider a person a friend. On the other side, I loved…

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Italy, six weeks after the lockdown started.

After one month living in the lockdown, I discovered a “new me”.

I am no longer striving for going back to my pre-lockdown routine. Now, I am fully enjoying this new life.

Of course, I am worried about the pandemic — how it is developing and its consequences. I know it is not over, and it will not be for a long time. It might take over a year, maybe two, before we have a vaccine and we can say it’s over.

But, until then, I discovered a new life. A new way of living.


In the first days, I…

Getting through the day is more than enough.

We are raised in a society that praises hard work. Continuous hard work.

We feel we should be productive. We should be doing something.

But why? Why should we always be productive?

Should we?

“Ora et labora”

Especially in the pandemic, I believe we should question our values and behaviors.

Living in western society, I have the idea I should always be doing something. I should be working, or I should be pursuing a hobby. I should be cooking, watching the news, reading books, whatever.

In some ways, we associate our productivity to our individual worth.

The more we accomplish, the more we…

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But can you break up with them?

A few days ago, a friend told me he asked his father never to contact him again.

Instinctively, I thought that message was wrong. But the more I thought about it, the more I changed my mind.

Is breaking up with a parent wrong?

I think I have a strong idea of being loyal to my family.

Then, I wondered where this idea came from.

Understanding and challenging my ideas

I realized I had never created my own opinion on children who shut communications with a parent. I had the implicit idea that it’s something wrong. I remember one of my friends’ father who morally…

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