Avatar: The First of Kin, Part 2

(Note to reader: This story is easy to follow on its own, but you may wish to read Part 1 first. Happy trails!)


The Avatar has always been the connection between the four nations and the spirit world. But as the nations progressed in their technology, they began to leave the spirit world far behind. And even though the societies are advancing, the people and the planet are slowly losing life. It’s going to take a special kind of Avatar to remind the nations and restore what was lost; using their shining spirit to light the way.


The Director stood with his handheld solar pistol extended; the President, his wife and newborns, Nurse Peace and her aide were all visible before him. President Misho stared at him evenly, his transfer unit dressed in stealth black just off to his rear left near the door.

“Director,” he hissed through thinned lips.
“What exactly do you think you’re doing?”
“Saving your family’s life sir.”

The Director’s eyes cut around the room.
This is taking too long. And where is Spacer?

“So let me get this straight- you’re trying to save my family… by pointing a WEAPON at them?”

The Director handed his newborn baby girl, Imani, to his wife still laying exhausted on the bed, cradling their other twin in the set- a newborn baby boy named Kuumba. The eyes of the stealth team slid over to one another as they registered this fact; the Director caught the change in their countenance.

Crap. They know.

President Misho was now thoroughly enraged, though, unfortunately. Too many days without sleep, too many helpless hours watching the love of his life struggle in labor, too many fresh and raw emotions at watching the birth of his only children. His fatigue and feelings were spiking, in desperate need of an outlet.

The Director had just given him one.

President Misho cast off the robe of his office, revealing the traditional red and gold training garb of his people. Smoke seeped out of his nostrils, arms weaving through intricate patterns, drawing lines of scorching fire in the air.

“Don’t ever threaten my family Director.”

Before President Misho could make a single move, however, Nurse Peace whirled into action, spinning down then up from the ground, kicking the solar canon neatly from the Director’s hand. Her pink curls, once cute around her lean face and thick frame, now jabbed out razor sharp across his shoulder. The Director instantly shifted into defense, entering into the graceful dance of martial combat with her. She, fast and lethal. He, slow and precise.

“Not me!”

He shouted desperately, ducking beneath a thundering fist that left a dent in the wall where his head had just been.

“The President!”

The Director quick parried her two jabs, spinning her sharp hair neatly off of his forearm gauntlet, catching her into a rear chokehold as he did so. The two of them watched in horror as the closest member of the stealth team lunged forward, jabbing a syringe full of thick golden liquid into the President’s neck, dropping him to the ground. The other two agents glided like shadows of pure speed across the room, plucking the two babies from Hai-Kenna’s helpless arms. The aide huddled terrified on the other side of the bed.

Nurse Peace’s eyes widened.

** ** **
Thick, warmly scented wind sparrowed through the dim cave, rifling the flowing tresses of its occupants. Each one sat cross legged, elbows braced meditatively on the precipice of their knees, fingers linked index and thumb in an unbroken chain of looped appendages.

One woman sat a little taller than the rest, head encircled with a thin red band of budding vines.

The ripples of swirling wind whistled loudly in her ears; sear marks glowed vibrantly in her cheeks, as she smiled coldly.

She hummed a single note and the circle of women spread around her rose as one, a fierce tapestry of facial structures and ornate skin tones moving as one spirit.

“We hail you.
We trust you.
We follow you.
Empress Esperanza.”

Esperanza rose silently, turned and strode towards the mouth of the cave, her acolytes filing in soundlessly behind her.

The pentagram glowed blood red in the dirt behind them, its five points burning white hot in the quivering darkness.

** ** **
The hospital door slammed shut, sealing the Director, Hai-Kenna, Nurse Peace and her aide inside. The lead stealth agent hefted the President of the United Republic over his left shoulder, triggering his comlink with the tip of his right finger while they traversed the hallways towards the roof where their helicopter was waiting.

“We have the President.”

Rapid speaking screeched from the tiny speakers into his ear, prompting him to glance back, subconsciously nodding his head. His voice was still incredulous.

“Yes. It’s two. Two Avatar children. Twins.”

More rapid speech.
“On the way.”

The three agents rounded a corner, thoughts set on nothing but completing this highly mutinous but extraordinary mission, eager to see what-


The three agents halted in their tracks as a tall, rugged looking man in a sleeveless shirt, casually leaning against the wall addressed them. Two long blades with hooked ends dangled from each of his hands. A single shoot of straw danced between his teeth. He met their eyes with a grin.

“Yall just messed up.”

The man was on them in a flash, wry muscles cracking like a whip as he launched into them like a vanguard grenade. The President’s body hit the floor as the lead stealth agent hastily engaged into a furious hand-to-hand combat with the stranger. Down the hallway behind him, he could hear pounding footsteps; the Director must be on the way, possibly with that nurse. The agent grimaced.

“Get the twins out of here! They’re all that matter!”

The remaining two stealth agents nodded and took off at a sprint down the hallway, towards the stairwell that led to the roof.

“Ah, ah, ahhh,” the man admonished.

He ducked beneath the lead agent’s thundering side kick, reaching out with one of his blades, neatly hooking the nearest agent’s ankle with a quick jerk. The man went down, cradling the baby close to his chest. The rugged looking warrior popped back up, parrying the incoming volley of punches, noting the agent’s precision and skill with genuine admiration before slipping beneath his guard and punching him squarely in the jaw.

The agent staggered.
The rugged man whirled.

Hooked sword flew through the air towards the still fleeing agent, bearing the second child. Somehow sensing the attack, the agent pivoted smartly and shot the projectile out of the air. The rugged man’s jaw dropped; holstering his weapon, the agent smirked and turned to resume his escape…

Until a chunk of rocks and dirt exploded through the wall in front of him, sending him flying against the opposite wall. The baby flew out of his grasp, surrounded by the floating, reshaping pillows of earth, which caught her and sat her down gently. The Director and Nurse Peace ran up at that moment; Nurse Peace immediately retrieved the baby boy from the fallen agent while the Director dealt a punishing blow to the side of the lead agent’s head. The one remaining stealth agent held his hands up in surrender.

All three of them looked down the hallway, perplexed. The Director spoke first.

“Spacer. Glad you decided to finally show up. What was that?

A small cough sounded out from where the dust was still settling and a bedraggled looking woman hobbled out, leaning onto the wall for support.

It was Hai-Kenna.
Wife of the President.
Mother of the twin Avatars.

Spacer darted down to catch her, before she collapsed, sitting on the floor next to her; he placed her baby girl in her arms and held them both gently as Nurse Peace and the Director — the President’s body in tow over his shoulder- walked up.

“I’ve restrained the stealth agents.” Spacer looked down the hallway, noting two of them were still unconscious in the energy shackle clasping them all together. “But there will be more.”

Spacer nodded.
“It will be endless.”

The Director laid the President on the floor. He leaned his face in close and sniffed the area where he’d been injected, then placed his ear carefully over the President’s heart, nodding to himself confirmingly. Sure fingers slipped a vial from the utility belt around his waist; he cracked it open spilling its contents on the President’s chest, letting the fumes waft into his nostrils. A burning sound filled the still air.

President Misho coughed violently and sat up.

“Easy, easy President Misho,” the Director soothed.
“What happened?”

His voice was gruff.

“You and your family were ambushed. For your children. The twin Avatars.” A wistful look passed through his eyes. “The first time this has ever happened.”

Spacer craned his neck over into view.

“We stopped them though. And saved you. And your family. You’re welcome.”
“What are we going to do with them?”

Nurse Peace spoke now. The Director looked at Spacer and sighed.

“The only thing possible. We have to hide them. From the world. It will be like you never had children.”

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