From the annals of the Great Triceba, the Oaken Apocryphal- 42nd installment at the 5th contingent, enscribed by Master Professor S.L. Enu.

“They say God made both man and woman in His image.

And then they never mention Woman-as-God again. Always the distinction of a goddess, always with the little g, always dully woven into mythology where she occasionally is granted the sacred boon of capitalization. Always the lesser, never the former- even her equality cruelly suffers the offering of sterilized justifications alongside it.

Woman-as-God is a fantasy.

This is what we are led to believe.
But I challenge you- how could she be?

Afterall it was She who contemplated her vast internal bounty juxtaposed against the murky, sorrowful tides of darkness over which she motionlessly hovered. Father is the protector of light, but it is Mother who gives it; Mother who is light’s one true source.

Yggdrasil was Her design; planted by Her hand; in the fertile roots of Her own soul.

Twas She who took pity. Upon both the lifeless shadows pooled helplessly around the perimeter of Her undying radiance and upon the symphony of lives contained with in her; a cacophony of pent up destinies, an endless volume of unwritten pages given no form of universal expression. It was She who made the initial judgment, which set the wheels of eternity off madly in a new direction.

This is not GOOD.

And perhaps that is why She has fallen out of the history books; perhaps that is why we do not readily recognize Her outside of Her glorified form. Woman-as-God is goodness… and goodness is what we humans have struggled with since our inception. It took us scarcely a single generation to drop our anchors at the conclusion that comfort is to be preferred over goodness at every account. Comfort protects us, binds us, keeps us well insulated against situations or people who could hurt us.

How fortunate we are that Woman-as-God does not perceive in like fashion. Goodness has no bounds; it has no decrees, no prerequisites, no eliminating criteria. As She sculpted endless, spinning Somethings from the Nothing provided by the abscesses of Her emptied thoughts, She was crafting something far more powerful than mere thundering planets and gleaming constellations. As She formed the ornate measurements of Heaven, not to contain Her but to further relate to us, and cast down the heart wrenching revolt of heedless angels, She was surreptitiously slipping an endless echo into the gently lapping streams of time.

Goodness lives.

That was it. That was Her statement, Her gift. And as she danced and twirled about the very Earth She Herself had created, planting fruits and vegetables, sowing leviathans and behemoths, painting sunrises and sunsets with all the colors of Her love, she implemented one simple rule; Everything begets after its own kind.

When Goodness lives, it creates Goodness all the more.

Woman-As-God was cleverer than the whole ofHer mythological falsifications put together; the Storyteller Almighty, wrapping all Creation and ambition around the single legendary impulse of Divine re-creation. Herself. What She had created was good, but still incomplete without Her permanent presence nurturing the varied life contained within it. And so she tugged on herself, one final time…

To you… My Humans… I bequeath My own self. Thou art Goodness incarnate, yet Divinely imperfect, that we may walk the Road of Eras together. Never forget your true heritage in Me; and never forget that I gave you life to LIVE.

Woman-as-God is Mother.
And from her interminable womb, her unrivaled quintessence, she birthed the universe.

End entry; Oaken Apocryphal. 42nd installment, at the 5th contingent. Master Professor S.L. Enu.


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