The true cost of 24/7 hustle culture
Aytekin Tank

Half the battle would be about the personal perspective, right? I agree 100% that the hustling culture we have created is toxic I think the toxicity comes out of us judging each other. I spend about 10–12 hours a day on my “real” job while my side hustle (blogging, podcasting, speaking.) I try to spend no more than 2–3 hours a day on. I hold fast to an off day that allows me to rest and refuel.

Love the reminder at the end of this post where you say;

“We don’t have to “hustle” 24/7 or live a life that’s exclusively about work, regardless of what the social media posts might suggest.”

I think you are absolutely right about that. We need to stop judging our lives based on the lives of others but understand our own perspectives and where we are coming from.