We are Stratos, and we are here to share and start conversations!

Let’s navigate change side-by-side.

After a few years of engaging in a range of design research and strategy work, we have started a blog space where we can share what we’ve learned and what we’re up to. We also want to invite a dialogue between other design researchers, strategists, leaders of innovation, members of the continuous improvement community, the user experience community, and beyond. Our goal is to share our thoughts, to share the things we find useful, and to generate conversation across industries.

Our clients are both national and global. Yet, no matter the project our focus stays the same. We specialize in understanding people, through methods that unleash their collective creativity. To collaboratively design for the future, our recipe is simple: we evoke people’s creativity. We are Stratos and we help brands and companies strategize for innovation.

We have proudly partnered with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to help them deeply understand both their customers’ current experiences and their dreams for the future. We also facilitate workshops so our clients’ internal teams can better understand how to make the next strategic move into the future. We warmly welcome you to join the conversation.