Terrific Sea View from the Railway Trip

There are a thousand reasons for you to fall in love with Sri Lanka. The terrific sea view you can see when you are on the way from Colombo to Galle for sure is one of the reasons for you to be obsessed with Sri Lanka.

Well, probably your have heard about Sri Lanka because of the catastrophic tsunami. Yet, plenty of people absolutely have no idea where Sri Lanka is at or what it is. After seeing the photo above, you probably know that it is a country which is famous for the sun and the sea. It is a small island located at the south-east of India and up above the equator. The whole country is surrounded by the sea. Find out more about the fact of Sri Lanka http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/asia/lk.htm

One of the best places to enjoy the sun and the sea is Galle, which is in the southern part of Sri Lanka. There are a lot of travel guides about Galle on Lonely Planet. Click here to find out more about Galle. To go to Galle, you can take a bus or train from Colombo, the capital city, to there. I can say it is one of the must-take-train ever in the world. I can also guarantee you that the experience on the train will be the most valuable one you will never forget.

The vintage train runs along the beautiful coastal line. All you can see is the sea and the sand, nothing else. If you don’t have blocking nose, you can even smell the slightly salty sea breeze, like dreamy one. I do not think you can find some similar train trip in the world.

Yes, the sea view is incomparable. Yet, the condition on the train is a bit too old-fashion. You can breathe in the absolute natural air on the train, which means it is air-con free ( Bear in mind that it is super hot in Sri Lanka all over the year). Anyway, you can still enjoy some wind from the rusty fans on the ceiling. The seats at second class are covered with leather skin. If you are lucky enough, you will find some broken seat to sit on. With the shuffling train, it is not really comfy to be honest. But what else you can ask for? Second class train ticket from Colombo to Galle only costs Rs 180, around 2 USD, which takes you around two hours. You can Click Here and check the train schedule.

I guess this is a typical travelling experience in some developing country, right?