Here is why the Jimquisition burns Early Access games

I am the developer of the game Wonky Pigeon! available on Steam as Early Access.

The game as EVERY game in Early Access state obviously has still missing features, bugs and is still open to suggestions from users.

As every who has seen Indie Game the Movie knows, there is no game (even if its complete) that comes without bugs.

So here it the full story.

The game gets release on Steam on 14th of August but due to a problem on the setup of the page only on the 15th is buyable.

On the 16th of August a video gets posted on the infamous Jim Sterling (Jimquisition) Youtube channel.

The Jimquisition channel went previously under fire for being “not so kind” with girl gamers (see here: and being a misoginy (see here:

The video highly promotes (for 10 minutes) a bug of the game and receives in a few hours over 40.000 views.

The bug as been fixed 12 hours after the video but the sales never recovered due to the impact of the negative review. (relative to the day of the bug)

So why Jim Sterling hates so much Early Access games?

The answer is simple: this behaviour gives them the public he needs to make money, using other effort (my work I put working into the game) and money (a lot of lost sales)

If you see the comments, a lot of funny ones also, there were hundres of persons (more than the games sales :-D) deliriously saying they were going to sue the developer.

That’s the public he needs to make money.