How my apps are funding my long-term investing.

In March 2012 I bought my Apple Developer license. I was 18 years old. It was the first step towards my financial independence.

Two years and half have passed, many achievements have been reached. Also many evaluation errors have been done. In this article I want to tell about my experience.

I have a portfolio of five apps. They are of different genres. Two Food & Drinks, a Travel one, an Utility and a Fitness app. I tried to diversify to experiment (and learn!) as many things as possible. I suggest you to do the same. My apps all free, the revenue is from ads. In two of them I offer the option to remove the ads with In-App Purchase.

Some notable events for my apps have been:

Il Cucinario featured in “Best of 2013", “Designed for iOS7" apps collection by Apple.

Other features by Apple in categories such as “New And Noteworthy”

Reviews by apps websites such as AppAdvice, iMore, TUAW…

So, month after month, the revenue has increased, and became regular. So the last week, I thought it was enough to invest it.

For anyone who wants to know more here are two useful Wikipedia pages:

I am not a expert in investing, I am just trying to make something useful with a part of my money while I am still young.

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