How to make sales forecasts

Yeah, seems impossible, but that’s true. Obviously with a little margin of error.

I did the forecast with Fit, my latest app, and until now seems to work pretty well. Six days are not much to have a clear scenario but I want to share the results with you.

So let’s go with the forecasting.

You need Numbers (it’s part of the iWork suite) and Grapher (comes preinstalled on every Mac).

Grapher is math app that lets you plot graph writing functions. It’s very easy to use and very powerful.

So download all the files in this folder:

Open the Grapher file to start. It contains four functions already. In order they are: quadratic growth, linear and exponential one.

So load it into Grapher. Be sure to set the workspace size to X 0, 10 and Y (0, 100) by going to View > Limits..

Now, move the mouse along the function graph and watch the numbers on the bottom bar change. The indicate what should be the downloads, day after day. Every app behaviour is different and the formula should be changed accordingly.

Now open the Numbers spreadsheet in the before mentioned folder. Here you can see Fit downloads compared with the function data points.

Now it’s your turn! Create an app, (on analyze sales data if you already made one), use the spreadsheet, and see how math can make things so great!

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