I Feel That.

**Esoteric Post Alert***

Emotions are my weakness. I feel everything, and I feel it passionately

I may wear positive emotions on my sleeve, and hold back my negative ones, but trust me when I say I feel everything with incredible intensity. When I’m happy, I’m joyous; when I’m excited, I’m ecstatic; when I’m sad, I’m utterly discouraged and despondent. I must admit that I don’t have a low-speed setting. I’m easily moved to tears by art, literature, music, and film because I connect to creative works on some level other than the superficial. I can look at a photograph, and feel the love, joy, or sadness of the subjects; it can stir me to the point of restlessness. I’m not good at finding middle ground, so I live with great enthusiasm.

I feel my own emotions strongly, but I’m also very in-tune with the emotions of others; if you feel it, I feel it. I’m an emotional sponge. Some people might call it empathy, and while that is certainly a component of this phenomenon, it is something more complex than that. It’s a deeper, more inexplicable feeling akin to intuition. When I look at people, I don’t just see them; I feel them. I’m generally good at reading emotions and intentions because I feel a palpable shift when I enter a room or talk to someone. I can sense when a person is in pain, or being deceitful, or has exciting news to share, whether I act on these feelings or not.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve been friends for years, or if you’re a total stranger: I will feel and react to your energy. If you’re happy, I’m happy; if you’re cranky, I’m cranky. I have an unintentional tendency to mirror the behaviors of other people, and for that reason can be seen as very relatable. It’s not that I’m deliberately trying to act like you, though; I just feel what you feel, and in the moment it seems so genuine! I’m very open-minded to the opinions of others, and it can be difficult to separate my true feelings from someone else’s.

For this reason, I have tried to devise a strategy for maintaining my emotional integrity. I use positive thinking, as well as meditation, to help ground myself and explore my individual feelings and desires. I enter tumultuous environments with conscious efforts to maintain my personal equilibrium. I try to spend as much time around positive, happy people as I can. Nonetheless, it’s really hard and frankly quite exhausting. I try to be positive and spread good energy because I am aware of how contagious energy can be; you affect people more than you may realize.

That all being said, I do not want to confuse my desires to emotionally ground myself for an aversion to empathy. That is certainly not the case at all. In fact, I’m more than happy to help a friend in need, or just provide a listening ear. My point is: positivity attracts positivity. Create good energy in yourself and share it — it will come back to you.

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