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I’ve intentionally overlooked this article and responses to it for the past week+ because I smelt something fishy. But changed course when I noticed Julian Assange’s mention of the TBTV/Hammond interview. So I watched and watched — all 2+ hrs. And thru her own words, I’ve come to feel outrage!! But, not at you, Jordan.

She said: she never said no. Infact, she described how her onetime fascination with you caused her to leave her husband; gradually discovered you were who you are; thus came to the conclusion she’d been assaulted by you — in order to reconcile with her husband? Really? And now, no surprise, she can’t go back > were she to, she’d lose her marriage again!!

I don’t know about the whole conspiracy angle. I do know that we are pack animals. Give us a bone (absolutely no pun intended) and everyone piles on; what was once rumor becomes national discussion.

I could be wrong — but I believe Julian was pointing to Carly’s story/your story, in hope that intelligent people would draw the parallels with his own (victim of a confused woman scorned) to say, “See? This happens”. Sadly, even tho Julian’s accusers retracted their stories, he still sits prisoner in a tiny cell (Ecuadorian Embassy). That’s how this goes.

My heart goes out to you Jordan — even if you are a dumbass, who got himself into this mess, by not refusing the perks of your position. Can’t be cavalier like we were in the 60ies (70s, 80s, etc.). Whether TYT was right or wrong to let you go, Carly Hammond has wrought the wrath of rape victims everywhere. She belittles our experience, trivializes sexual assault, and makes our voices go silent once again.

P.S. Aaron Sorkin was prophetic: The Newsroom, S3, E4,& 5 — Maggie v Jack/Hallie v Jim & Don v Mary. I hated S3, because it felt like a dystopian future. And now, this is where we are.

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