How To Find A Perfect Standup Desk?

Standing desks are popular but choosing a good one is not an easy task. You could go with a whole desk replacement or DIY a simple solution. You could even buy an adjustable attachment to go on top of your existing desk. Think twice about your needs and wants related to standing desk, what you can get according to your budget and how to choose what is best for your needs. As you know that inactivity is the worst thing than many other health factors including heart diseases and obesity. We have known for a while that sitting all day is terrible for you. You should have looked at the best standing desks as alternatives.

Before you plunge headlong into the world of standing desk, keep that in mind that you should look for the perfect standup desk for you. Choose the one which is most suitable for you and fulfill all your requirements and nearly above your expectations. Do not forget to buy a cheap deal because standup desks are often expensive than regular furniture.

Do not rush towards the cheap quality rather than cheap price. You must not compromise with the quality of standup desk as it relatively affects your overall health concerns. You can go with the various options of standup desks available in market that gives you the freedom to stand when you like and sit when you choose, comfortably in both the cases.

You may already have an idea what you’re looking for in a standing desk but before you spend money; there is a little prep work to ensure you will get the perfect standup desk for you:


First take some measurements, the standup desk which you are going to choose must be according to your height and comfort. Grab a tape and measure out how large you want your standup desk according to your workplace. Doing this, now make sure that you will work under your comfort zone. Measure how high you want your setup to be. Keep a measurement of the footprint you can accommodate in your space. Measure the space between your eyes and the monitor or laptop screen and where your hands will be.


If you want a standup desk on a budget and you already have a desk you don’t necessarily want to toss out with the bulk trash then an on-desk attachment is your logical choice. By doing this, you can make use of the same workplace you already have, but give up some of the desk surface to a mount that will elevate your monitor and ideally your keyboard. These on-desk attachments are usually some of the most customizable and the most adjustable options you can opt while finding your perfect standup desk. They are convenient too so that you can take them anywhere while you travel. These on-desk attachments allow you to set your workplace anywhere you want.


A whole-desk replacement can be another option which you can opt while purchasing a perfect standup desk. In this you are fully sure to mark the overall measurements of the desk. You can place an order to create a new one for you which can be pretty much expensive but can never be above your health. You will get full control over the desk surface, the color, add-on features like white board surface, cable management, built-in power and so on.