As I write this blog, I am 30 year old mother to an incredible nine-year old boy and the wife to a husband who is sincerely and unequivocally the most thoughtful and caring man that I know. I feel lucky to live the life that I do and have reached a point where I can identify how my personal struggles have resulted in personal gains. Although I am not specifically religious, I do believe in a deep-rooted spiritual connection to everything around me and am actively working on improving my sense of inner-peace. For the past 14 years I have been a vegetarian with an unhealthy addiction to carbohydrates. In some cases, being a vegetarian does not necessarily mean health or healthy eating habits — it simply means that I choose not to eat meat and feel better when not consuming it. I strongly believe that everyone should consume what makes them feel their best.

My husband calls me the “Puma”. I suppose I can be a bit ferocious when it comes to topics that I feel strongly about. Most often the “Puma” side of me comes out when I feel as though people have been treated unkindly, when parents fail at providing a life to their children they deserve, and when I witness those less fortunate being trampled upon by selfish and arrogant numbskulls. Many people attribute their values and belief system to a socially constructed system that usually revolves around the realm of religion. At the end of the day, I simply want to feel good about myself as a person and about my interactions with those that I have had contact with. My ambivalence is not to be misconstrued as having a lack of faith or a vendetta against those who do follow religious practices — it is simply my way of remaining open to all of the knowledge and beauty that this world has to offer.

I was recently diagnosed with systemic lupus which falls into a family of auto-immune diseases that wreak havoc on the body. The main purpose of this blog is to safely document my struggle with a disease that I am having difficulty accepting and my path to finding a sense of normalcy, health, and remission. If you also struggle with an auto-immune disease I invite you to share your journey with me and to follow my posts. My next blog will discuss my short journey to receiving a diagnosis, my current symptoms, and an unfiltered narrative of my current difficulty accepting this diagnosis and the hop-scotch game I play between denial and anger.

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