Wait, what? What do I put on my skin now?
Darian Fazeli

You can still use aloe vera. The mechanism of action is anti-inflammatory. Sunburn produces cytokines which cause pain. Aloe works on this. There’s hundreds of references to this particular action — by references I mean literature ref.

What you don’t want is junk from CVS — use real aloe that you can buy at places like Whole Foods. Even better is the plant. If people are going to make claims that aloe is BS then a rebuttal to the info on how it works is critical. See here for example to understand aloe — it is a referenced article. (meaning go to end to see journal articles used to back up data points) http://jocpr.com/second-issue/J.%20Chem.%20Pharm.%20Res.,2010,%202(1)%2021-29.pdf

Personally, organic apple cider vinegar works best for me. Soak washlothes in it and place on burned skin. This is a great resource for burns: http://botanical.com/site/by_you/acandee_burns.html

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