It absolutely does.

Hello JT!

I’m very grateful for your response. While I can’t quite put myself in your position, I’m very happy for the fact that you’ve reached out and shared. Every human story is precious to me.

And I sincerely hope that you share your story. Whether you feel like it’s all for naught if it doesn’t go to a genetic lineage, there will be people who it will reach. Like me. People you may never know, but that human connection, to me, is quite beautiful. So I do really hope that you are able to share some of yourself through this medium, and someday, you can look back at them — perhaps put them together into one place and build a chronicle of your life.

Your life certainly is valuable. Don’t be afraid to reach out when you feel it isn’t — I will treasure it if you do, and I can certainly connect with the darkness that you may feel, even if we have walked different paths.

Much love.

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