That face mask from Lush is actually around $7, and you get a free one if you bring in 5 containers…
Juliana K'abal Xok

“I’m a medical anthropologist who focuses on food insecurity issues, and when people cannot afford to buy groceries, they will often buy what gives them a little bit of comfort, and for some that is booze and sweets.”

Thank you for shedding light on a bit of psychology that the rest of the world seems to forget. Survival, to many, means the mechanical acquisition of calories and not at all the miserable, draining and indescribably torturous black hole that is depression and anxiety (of course, from a wide range of mental health disorders and illnesses that can be both genetic and attained) that some face endlessly and others live their lives without. And it’s incredibly easy for anyone without traumatic experience to not understand the power of conditioning that intense cases of stress and danger can wield.

Sometimes, that means equating a flavor to a position of mental health that might be somewhat tolerable, and in the stressful case of financial issue, this can mean the world — literally, speaking from experience, it can mean just getting to the next day without killing yourself.

I may just have to continue to write on the topic in a separate article, but I can relate to this experience more than can be covered in a response.

Anyhow. Thank you. ❤

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