You Are What You Eat: The Top 5 Tips to Make You More Sustainable

It is often said that consumers hold the power. We are the ones that drive the nepotic food industry crazy with our desire for large quantities. We love to empty the supermarket shelves weekly of our favourite products and go crazy for new and exciting promotional offers. Let’s flip that mentality. How about we decide not to indulge in such consumerism? We’ll beat that power hands down. Why? Because choosing to say no to the industrial food system is the first step on our road to sustainable eating and to a greener and better future.

We bring you the top 5 tips to start you on your journey:

  1. Shop Locally + Eat Seasonally

Buying from your local independents is an essential part of the current food revolution. Not only has it not travelled far to get to you, but you also learn more about the people that have lovingly grown it and in what conditions. This individual connection to your food is one which you cannot get from buying supermarket produce, no matter how hard they try with promotional packaging. Additionally, eating seasonally means you’re eating what is in abundance at that particular time of year. Root vegetables and hearty greens for Winter, and salads and fruits in the Summer. Eating seasonally means eating locally, and would also work toward reducing the carbon footprint.

2) Grow It

It’s true that you don’t need to have lots of space to grow your own produce. Allotment plots are now a staple within every community and are cheap to obtain. Additionally, you could even try your hand at nurturing your own vertical garden outside your window. There isn’t anything like growing your own produce. It’s a lot easier on the wallet, too.

3) Go Organic

Eating organic food is a lot easier than it first sounds. Start by checking your food labels. Certified organic food is grown and processed using sustainable resources and actively promotes biodiversity. Although we can appreciate that they are more pricey than the non-organic alternatives, by shopping around local markets you can definitely pick up some bargains.

4) Eat Less Meat

The meat industry has had the greatest impact on the environment. Being such a daily staple food it can be difficult to give up meat completely. Rather than going cold-turkey, why not try to remove meat from your diet one day a week? Even such a small change such as this would cut food-related emissions by up to 63%.

5) Dine Sustainably

The food revolution has reached our restaurants, with more and more chefs becoming increasingly conscious about preparing meals consisting of solely sustainable products. Don’t be afraid to ask your server as to how your food was grown or processed. Yazmine Nazmy of Cairo based, Kaju is an expert on the subject. She takes holistic view to food sustainability by making sure that each ingredient for her recipes has been sourced locally.

As consciousness of the negative effects of consumerism increases let’s hope we can expect to see many other supermarket food establishments following suit.

Do you have any top tips for eating sustainably? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!