Nick Moran of the Full Ratchet on Why IoT is the #1 Startup Sector and the Midwest is the Best Place for Companies

Nick Moran is a former M&A guy turned angel investor and venture capitalist. He started the 1st VC podcast (the Full Ratchet) over three years ago and used this platform to build one of the top syndicates on AngelList. Since starting investing, none of his companies have failed to date and he since raised a fund to focus on early stage IoT in the Midwest.

Listen and Learn:

  1. Why the Midwest is the place to be for startups and investors
  2. The future of IoT and why it is the #1 industry to watch
  3. How to build consistent, vetted deal flow
  4. Why podcasting has transformed venture capital
  5. The differences and dynamics between syndicates and VC funds
  6. Why startups are leaving SF to go to Midwest
  7. How corporates and entrepreneurs clash and thrive

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