TS: Adam Draper on Why Crypto and ICOs are actually Underhyped and What the Future May Bring

Adam Draper’s the founder of Boost.vc, an accelerator and fund focused creating a sci-fi future. They work with and invest in blockchain and VR companies with exceptions made for breakthrough businesses. Adam comes from a venture background and is working to continue the Draper tradition of excellence and advancing the future.

Listen and Learn:

  1. Why VCs should focus more on crypto
  2. How venture capital can effectively incorporate ICOs in portfolio companies
  3. What is the future of VR?
  4. How growing up in a venture family affects outlook
  5. Why VCs must be constantly learning
  6. Why AR is overrated and ICOs are underhyped
  7. The benefits of founder bonding

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Adam’s Projects:

Adam’s Angellist profile


Adam’s Twitter: @adamdraper

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