‘Ask the cops to arrest him or I will send the cbi after them…’

Guys reading is my passion but writing is my weakness. Hence I will only quote from the The Target Book by investigative journalist shantanuguha ray and you will be desperate to read the book.

Here it goes:

“Sir what do we do, we have nothing against him, nothing on him? He is cooperating well with the cops. They called him seven times, he visited them 21 times. He is even helping them with his IT team to open up the case so that the money trail can be traced. The cops are happy with his cooperation. They are not keen to pull him in, arrest him,” said a top official of the Ministry of Finance.

The other voice said: “A new government is coming, if he continues to remain a free man, he sure will open a Pandora’s Box and seal our fate. We could be in trouble,” the official sounded worried.

“So what do we do?” he asked in the same breath. There was a deathly silence, probably the person on the other end was plotting. And then the person answered.

“Get the cops to arrest him somehow and put him in custody. The lock-up will break his spine. Once he is destroyed mentally, a defamed man like him will have no takers ever again. If the cops don’t relent, I will get the CBI to go after them,” the person declared. Who was this person? A top minister, a seasoned bureaucrat? Read the book to know the entire plot that happened right in the corridors of power and shook the foundations of corporate India!

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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