Is Jignesh Shah being hounded for his success?

It is the government’s responsibility to ensure proper law and order in our country. What we as citizens of this nation can least expect from our government is to be fair and just at every level of administration. However, while reading the recent news flashes on TV and the consequent celebrity arguments on the same, really make me reconsider my expectations.

Moreover, the book I’m currently reading on how a cherished dream that was an excellent example of ‘Make in India’success,was crushed by our very own chosen government officials, has outraged me to the extent that I start writing about this now. The book is written by renowned author, Shantanu Guha Ray, and exposes how the unholy nexus of big corporates, politicians and bureaucrats, can destroy a vision that was bringing India global recognition.

Jignesh Shah — the founder and creator of more than a dozen exchange companies across India and globally, shaped ventures that were beyond possibilities that benefited our country to a large extent. Just when I had started enjoying the read with a sense of pride about the benefits that this man’s endeavors brought to India, the book brought out a dark chapter.

Well, I must say, it is aptly titled — The Target Book— as it uncovers the truth behind the unethical stalling of Jignesh Shah, the Exchange Man of India by various government officials, investigating agencies, and his fellow market-men.

One of the chapters in the book, elaborate how Jignesh Shah was called for interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), functioning under, the Finance Ministry, on 12th July, 2016, asked to stay back and later informed about his confinement. This very incident holds a mirror to incongruity of the prevailing administration system of justice. It is a stark attack on the judicial accountability of the government and its administration. It has set an appalling precedent for law and order in our country. It is clearly a case of the centre overriding its own jurisdiction and levying ill-proportioned penalty coming up with a repeatedly criticized decision.

Is this what we call — Law?

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