Keep the Faith : For all those who suffered at NSEL

The NSEL case has taken the entire nation by storm. The government’s decision of the proposed merger of NSEL with its parent company FTIL, has invoked criticism from all corners of the corporate world.

A little research on this matter led me to a few links that talked about reviews of a book. On searching further, I got to know of a book titled, The Target Book. Written by Shantanu Guha Ray, this book speaks about all the aspects of the NSEL crisis that occurred in 2013.

Just for those who aren’t aware — the company named Financial Technologies India Limited, set up by Jignesh Shah has been facing stringent actions by the government for no proven reason.

It really shocks and even scares to know that we’ve yet not got away from the ‘Sarkaar Raj’ of dirty politics affecting our own Nation’s growth and reputation. However, it also gives hope to read that regulatory and investigating agencies are probing the role of all of those who were involved in orchestrating the crisis, including the brokers. Five to six leading brokers who traded on NSEL are already under the scanner, but more brokers could be identified as offenders.

Let’s hope that the real culprits are nabbed soon. Keep the Faith!

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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