The Story of the Coin Hall of Fame, July 12, 2019.

Hello, This is TEAM AXL.

Just a few hours before July 12, AXL made its fourth appearance at the Pax Economic TV (formerly Asian Economic TV) Coin hall of Fame.

Today, Kim Sung-woon, CEO of X-Widget, who recently merged with AXL’s company ABA Blockchain Research lab, took the opportunity to talk about previous news, news about the new AXL, and the upgraded platform of AXL.

The content below is a summary of the questions on this broadcast.

Q. Please introduce AXL company and introduce yourself.

A. I’m Kim Sung-woon, CEO of X-Widget.

X-Widget was built to form a blockchain ecosystem in 2018.

The brand name of the first X Widget`s project was “ecotree”, which was merged with AXL Company during the process and re-merges with FMC and is currently under FMC.

Under FMC, there are about 100 management support teams, developers, and complex configurations of Cheongdam Allen Center, Selen Research Institute, X-Widget, MS Line, AXL Project, and Dream Cloud Project.

Q: Did AXL have any new issues recently?

A: I’ll tell you what happened after May.

It was merged with FMC and reabsorbed about 30 engineers at MSline to improve their operational and technical capabilities.

Technically, we are constantly preparing for this project, and we are planning and preparing performances so that the main concept of the AXL project can eradicate the ticket market.

Q: What is the greatest strength of “AXL” as technology and security will continue to be needed for the listing of cryptocurrency exchanges? What is the differentiation when competing with other coins in the future?

A: Our strength is that the base of our technology is solid.

Most of the rise and fall of the coin project depends on human resources.

In particular, I think management skills, technology, and ability to secure funds are the three key points.

FMC is excellent in supporting management, and based on its technology, MS Line have engineers more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, so I believe it is a technology development.

Q: Are there any technical or business upgrades you’ve made earlier this year?

A: It’s a step forward from the original plan to stamp out the illegal ticket.

We created a payment system, designed a single performance, ticketing function, but now we’re going to have a lot of coin inside a platform called MultiWalllet.

Q: Lastly, would you like to say something to viewers who want to invest in AXL coins?

A: First of all, I’m sorry for the delay, which was different from the schedule that we’ve been working on. However, the AXL project situation is developing with sufficient manpower and technology than other domestic projects. We’re preparing to go public on a very large exchange, so those who invest in it will be able to benefit from it. If you’re interested in AXL, please keep an eye on what we’re doing. What we can be proud of is that our multi-wallet, master-pay and master-card interworking systems are the only systems in the our country. We’ll be more competitive than any other company because we’ll be extracting big data by blockchain all the information in the system.

If you’re curious about the questions and answers on the show, you can watch the video at the Coin Hall of Fame link at the bottom.

We hope that AXL will be used as a key currency to recover consumer rights and consume transparent cultural, industrial, sports and contents.

Thank you.

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