Perspective from a Woman of Color diving into the Tech Industry

Written By Sherly Veras

Being a woman in today’s workforce is challenging. Being a woman of color is even harder. Why? Woman of Color( W.O.C ) are expected to overcome many obstacles not only as individuals but as women. With issues in the workforce such as the gender wage gap, discrimination and the slow diversity change in corporate America. As a person of color walking into an interview, you may feel you already have things working against you. Not to mention, if your name ends in a significantly hard to pronounce name like Gonzalez, this was my experience.

I am a Latina digital marketer living in Boston, also known as the east coast’s innovation hub. After graduating college I applied to a plethora of entry level marketing jobs, I was rejected every time. I did not understand what was happening. I had internships related to my desired position, I had great references but did not fit the part and I did not understand why. I sought advice from my mentors, they suggested networking and going to career fairs, so I did. I was being considered for positions, mostly tech sales mostly working for customer service for Latin America. These opportunities were excellent but not the opportunity I was looking for. What I really wanted was an opportunity for a marketing role helping businesses with their marketing plan, brand and strategy.

While on an interview I had a frank conversation with the hiring manager. I asked why I was only being considered for Latin American sales when I had also applied for the entry marketing role at the software company. Her response was very clear “honey your first language is Spanish and you are fluent, your market is in demand right now.” Everything she said was helpful, because I realized I was being considered because I spoke Spanish, my interests to her did not matter. I would serve as an asset to the company by helping them gain profit from Latin American sales. It became apparent to me after that interview was that I was going to have to create my own path. To achieve the goal I wanted, I was going to have to create my own opportunity. Don’t let someone tell you where you belong, create the opportunity to achieve your goals.

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Sherly Veras is a marketing associate at the Tech Connection, where she creates , designs and manges marketing efforts.

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