Earn $$$ With Grammarly Affiliate Network ( $25 Activation Bonus)

Are you interested in money making online just by promoting some brands per sale? Here I have an exciting offer for you guys. Have you heard about Grammarly? Yeah! That Spell Correction tool, which has saved many from getting embarrassed while texting. So how shall you be benefited by Grammarly? Well! Grammarly affiliate provides you an affiliate program where you have to refer people and make them purchase the Grammarly plan and you will be rewarded commission per sale.

What Is the Grammarly Affiliate Program?

Grammarly affiliate program is one of the highest affiliate programs on the Internet. It provides huge commission per sale.

Affiliate program here means getting partnered with the company and generating sales for them for which you are been provided some commission based on the service a person is purchasing. Here you will have to paste the affiliate link or banner to your blog and make people buy for which you will be getting rewarded.

Who can join this program:

Any person can join this program who is in the field of Digital Marketing and those who are into Blogging. Yes! If you are a blogger then this program is highly benefited for you to make huge money.

Where Can I Join Grammarly Affiliate Program

You can join this Grammarly affiliate program through their self-hosted affiliate program or through Shareasale or Commission Junction affiliate ad network.

Things you should before joining this affiliate program

  1. It’s better if you have a Blog/Website. The chance of getting your application approved is higher.
  2. Your Blog should derive a decent number of traffic to get approval.
  3. Your Blog shouldn’t contain Adult/Pornography content.
  4. Your blog shouldn’t violate any Terms Of Conditions of any affiliate ad network.

How To Join Grammarly Affiliate Program

  • Click the link here and you will be redirected to their affiliate page.
  • There you will see three options
  1. Become an affiliate
  2. Shareasale
  3. Commission Junction

If you are new into affiliate marketing, then Sign Up For Self Hosted Affiliate Program

Click Become an affiliate. Then Fill the Sign Up Form.

Note: It’s better if you give your Professional Email ID like for example if your Gmail ID is

Xyz@gmail.com” Kindly Convert it into Professional or Work Email ID where you have your Domain name at the end like “Xyz@domain.com

This will increase your getting application approve very faster.

After filling up the form, Click Submit button. You will get a Thank You Message.

By then your Application will be under review. Grammarly Moderator will check your profile and if it meets their standards, Your Application will get approved with a day or two.

After your application gets approved. You will receive a welcome email along with Email ID and Password.

Go to your Dashboard and you will see your Performance statistics.

Click on Offers at the Left panel and then Click on the Grammarly from the list.

You will see the number of lists in the table describing Text and Banner Ads.

Copy Paste the code to your blog and you’re done.

How To Get $25 Activation Bonus? (As Promised)

Grammarly affiliate knows the taste of their publishers, so they are rewarding $25 Activation bonus for all the people who have partnered for their affiliate program.

You can get this &25 Activation Bonus by just writing a Long form content in your Blog describing Grammarly and their services just like how I have done in my Blog. Click the link below.

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After you have done with your blog post, You will have to Email your Account Manager saying that you have written the blog post along with the Blog Post URL.

Email them and wait for their response, if they approve your article, your $25 activation bonus will be credited to your Grammarly account.

What is their Referral Plan?

Grammarly affiliate has an amazing referral plan for their publishers

For every person who Signs Up for Grammarly service, you will receive $0.20 per referral.

And for every person who makes the Premium plan purchase, you will receive $20 per sale with the recurring commission.

Recurring commission here means you will be receiving the reward for every time the person who renews his plan whether they click your affiliate link or not.

Grammarly affiliate program also has exciting other benefits.

Other than this, you also have a choice to use Grammarly premium plan free for one month. Just Email your account manager to get your premium plan activated.

How Do You Get The Payment?

Grammarly affiliate has a minimum threshold that has to be achieved. For them, it’s %50 Minimum for payout.

50% of your first payment will be done from writing a Blog Post about Grammarly for which you will be receiving $25 activation.

Rest $25, you will have to make people Sign ups or Purchase premium plan to receive your commission.

After you reach the $50 minimum payout, you will have to enter your Bank account details in your Grammarly account and soon you will receive an email from your Account manager regarding billing details. After confirming, you will get your payment in your bank account.

Overall Opinion:

I have been into Grammarly affiliate program for a long time and trust me, it’s a really trustworthy affiliate program. I received my $25 activation bonus instantly to my account and rest for every sale, I have been receiving the commission. Here is the payment proof:

Also, I would suggest you all sign up for Grammarly and it’s affiliate program to get the best service and earn huge money from the world of the internet.

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