Reasons why snapchat can’t expand in India,… (so called poor countries) even if it wishes to : Explanation.

Wait a minute! Did I just say that?

That’s what Evan Speigel would probably be feeling right now. People know what that is for.

India is known for its drama element in the movies, but movies are just the reflection of what actually happens in the real world. Indians are always ready to take a fight, though they don’t initiate it. Its no wonder SnapChat app went down to a 1 rating in App Store. Evan said, “I don’t want to expand it to poor countries like India”, and Indians replied, “this means war”. Everyone knows the result of that war.

The truth is not that bitter this time.

Yes! It was a false alert and Indians had already engaged in war. It was too late before Evan could explain the real meaning of his statement. He did not mean India was poor, instead he meant to say, “Indians use poor internet connection and they don’t update their low-spec smartphone as frequently as other country (the so called rich country) people do”. That’s not a bad statement indeed.

In fact, with that statement he had actually warned Indians about inflation in India. It is to be noted that Indians contribute a lot to GDP and per capita income. Speaking the numbers, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 costs 15.8% of GDP PPP for an Indian citizen, which is bad for the country’s economy (ask us why). So, Indians are actually spending a lot more than the so-called riches for a smartphone. Alert!!!

Moreover seeing the other view, as India has had a strong cultural background (unlike the so-called rich), it has a lot lesser fickle millennial population. In other words, sexting is not as popular in India as in other countries (of course, the rich). Thank God (if he ever exists), SnapChat was uninstalled before it could popularize the sexting concept in India.

So, what is SnapInc. trying to prove? The Indians’ point? They are proving their inefficiency yet again. This is probably their yet againth yet again. What an excuse SnapInc.! Techstr is amazed. An app cannot be made to run on an year-old smartphone without glitches. Doesn’t that create a glimpse of laughter?

A brave statement of cowardice is not actually brave, Mr. Evan Spiegel.

Previously, SnapInc. got defeated by Facebook on everyone knows what, though SnapInc. didn’t accept it. They had also failed in producing quality products and as we had already mentioned in our earlier blog, SnapChat is prone to hacks. So, is Evan actually proud of making an insecure and incompatible application that needs its users to update their phones frequently? Techstr wouldn’t be proud of it, neither would any of the companies like Google, Facebook, Apple etc.

Had SnapInc. concerned more about making a better product, they should have taken the challenge to bring out their technology down to the low-end smartphones (something like Facebook Lite). Perhaps SnapInc. is more concerned about showing off and enjoying the wealth instead of proving a point, making a revolution or whatever. If the country that contributes to a significant number to the smartphone user population, is not a part of their target audience, then what are they doing?

Recently a guy, who got fired from SnapInc. has leaked the internal politics and secrets of the company. What does that mean? It is seriously a tough time for SnapInc. When the employees are so childish, nobody could expect much from them.

Perhaps, they should consider hiring the right people by searching in

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