What Are OEM And Aftermarket Parts?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you buy a new cell phone, for example an iPhone, it has all the genuine parts in it. But, even though they are genuine parts, is does not mean that Apple actually manufactured them. Generally, phone manufacturers will contract parts-makers to design and produce the parts that go into their cell phones. For example, the LCD screens may have been made by a company making LCD screens. When you need to get new LCD screens you can get them from a dealer, in which case they will be labeled as Apple genuine parts. Or, you can get them from a seeming third party, in which case they will be labeled Apple OEM parts.

The irony is that the Apple OEM parts, which may seem slightly less official, are actually exactly the same as the Apple genuine parts, they were both made by the same company, but have been packaged differently. And because they have been packed as generic, they will undoubtedly be less expensive than the so-called Apple genuine parts. So, now that we know that Apple OEM parts are actually made by the original manufacturer, what about aftermarket parts? These products are made by a company that has been allowed to create a part that will work with an Apple product. The difference is that these companies are not the original manufacturers of the part.

In the example above, an LCD Screen company was the Apple OEM parts supplier. They made the Apple genuine parts that shipped with the original new phone. The aftermarket company is called for example, Great Designs. They have designed LCD screens that work with a Apple product, but they are slightly different from the Apple OEM parts made by Great Designs. Aftermarket products can be of high quality, just like the Apple OEM parts. They may even be better, since the aftermarket company has to do something special to differentiate them from the original manufacturer. An OEM supplier as mentioned above do have the parts needed for the original product the same as the original equipment manufacturer and can be used normally in regards to the original parts. Do not be confused from the OEM parts because they came from the same manufacturer. These parts can definitely work on the original product that you have.

Cell phones have parts that needed to be replaced now and then due to wear and tear of the product, in this case sellers need to find a supplier for parts that can be used to replace broken parts of a cell phone. Cell phone resellers sometimes get their parts from an OEM supplier which comes from the same manufacturer of the original product. A lot of aftermarket products are on the internet with online shopping sites. A lot of sites can be visited for you to choose where to buy and what suits you. Original equipment manufacturer parts are available for you with ease on purchases online and the comfort of delivering the items to your home.


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