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Contributed by Alex Bill of ClothingRIC.

Australians spend $20.4 million on fashion which is way more than what they spend on gadgets and even personal care. As per data from 2017, Aussie women splash out a whopping $10,000 for buying clothing annually! In fact, Australians spend on apparel more than any other nation.

These statistics reveal how obsessed we as a country are about what we wear. Does this mean that everyone needs to stand in the queue of spending so much on clothes? …

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Hi, fashionistas!

I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to debunk ten of the most common teeth whitening myths and giveaway a special treat! Read to the end to enter!

1. Myth: All your teeth will be perfectly white.

Not all teeth will be perfectly white after the treatment is over. Some people naturally have darker enamel, which cannot change. The only way you will know is if you eliminate all the stains by using a professional product like Smile Brilliant.

2. Myth: If your teeth feel sensitive after treatment, you should stop the process right away.

If you have tooth sensitivity during whitening, it’s normal and will go away. …

Contributed by Alex Bill of ClothingRIC.

Halloween is an event that is observed primarily throughout the western world. It has many eastern variations as well, which makes it a popular global tradition.

Of course, Halloween costumes remain a big part of this occasion. It was estimated that a staggering $3.4 billion was spent on scary and geeky costumes on Halloween just two years ago.

However, sometimes the cost of these costumes can be a burden on one’s budget. This holds especially true for students who need to survive campus life with the little money they make from part-time jobs.

If you’re a student that is short on cash and is looking to dawn a cool outfit this Halloween, you’re at the right place. …



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