The Teloscope Weekly report: 15 — 28 Apr 2019

Yes, we went to London. You know, fish, chips, cup o tea, Mary Poppins. And now, Telos!

Apr 30 · 4 min read

This time there are no updates to Chainspector app or The Teloscope bot since our last report. This software has reached considerable maturity, so new improvements will appear more spaced. We keep on working to improve our tools, for example, by adding to the bot Russian and Chinese languages (available soon).

We are also working on some models for Proof-of-Concept solutions that could be useful for attracting business projects to Telos. And to know what companies need, nothing better than to interact with them in specialized events where they attend in search for blockchain-based solutions.

Blockchain Expo Global London

The Teloscope involvement in this event began even before we attended it: we did all the graphic design for the Telos stand, as well as a promotional banner for the social networks.

Telos booth design (left) and banner for dissemination on social media (right)

The day before the opening, a member of The Teloscope team flew to London wearing our merch. 😜 Emilio was our representative in charge of helping at the Telos Foundation stand, engaging with visitors and disseminating the many advantages of the Telos blockchain platform for businesses.

Having updated our website with a monochrome logo, we reused it in a promotional t-shirt (left). Telos BPs celebrating post day one exhibition drinks (right; photo courtesy of Azad)

The first day was really good. We had the Telos stand always full of visitors throughout the day. In contrast, we could see how the stand of the EEA consortium looked like a desert. 😝

Telos was one of the few public blockchain platforms present at the event, since a majority of stands promoted permissioned or private platforms, or solutions for them.

Our stand was always full of people eager to know what Telos was and its advantages

We engaged with many people, and among them some representing real businesses that wanted to implement blockchain. They perceived Telos as an alternative to Ethereum, and an enormous potential. We even got attention from someone very interested in deploying a very powerful dapp.

Emilio in action at the Telos stand (photos courtesy of Flip)

In the afternoon, Douglas gave his introductory talk to a very interested audience.

Douglas dazzled the audience with a brief and effective talk

Like us, many other Telos BPs gathered at the event: TelosDAC, Telos UK, GoodBlock, Cryptosuvi, Octagon, EOSVibes, EOSphere, and EOSza, collaborating to attend many companies and developers eager to do projects in Telos. And their overall impression was very positive. We can assure you that most BP present there were already thinking about repeating the experience: in Amsterdam on 19 and 20 June, and in Silicon Valley, California, on 13 and 14 November.

We also took the opportunity to exchange opinions with the rest of BPs on how to better coordinate ourselves so that we can attract good business projects to the Telos platform. Visitors were greatly surprised by the degree of collaboration and effective decentralization that we have achieved in Telos project.

Now, back home, we need to share through the Telos Foundation the contacts made, evaluate the potential business projects for Telos, and work collaboratively on making many of them a reality for the benefit of all TLOS holders.

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team.

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