Here’s Something You Probably Already Know About Diversity

(Image: Unsplash/Anna Dziubinska)

We all see problems and solutions from different perspectives — these are accompanied by the heuristics that define how individuals search for solutions. Innately, we encode our perspectives and then apply our natural heuristic tendencies to explore new and better resolutions when confronted with a problem.

Indeed, it’s a pleasure to work with someone who agrees with everything you say, but that mindset is plain selfish in its nature. Hiring a subordinate, co-manager, or a boss who validates your opinion like a parking ticket in a corporate parking lot does not do any good in driving growth and plausible innovation in a company, even if it reduces the chances of you working with some pain in the arse.

Picture this: You’re brainstorming your next creative campaign and you suggest that there would be a hole in the door placed in the middle of your set location. Someone chimes in and agrees, “Yes, a hole, that’s good.” But is ‘good’ good enough?

With all sensitivity and fragility aside, wouldn’t you want to hear, “Yes, a hole in the door and then maybe something is blocking that hole up!”

Then somebody else interrupts, “A hole, precisely! But why just a door? Why not something else, maybe a steel gate!”

Wouldn’t various ideas and perspectives be better in driving creativity and innovation? This is where diversity comes in, and it’s not just a mere thing on your executive to-do list that you have to cross off, but a vital component in moving towards better R&D, better strategy development, better crisis management — in turn, better profit.

“Don’t look at it like crossing off ‘buy groceries’ on your corporate to-do list”

By definition, diversity of talent provides more ideas and perspectives into driving for the best business solutions by looking at things from a myriad of lenses. A diverse workforce reflects not only the marketplace you’re penetrating but also proves to be a great source of wisdom of the crowd that can result in creative betterment through consumer insights.

A key point in this new era, rife with volatility and ambiguity, the innovation that’s brought to the table by varying perspectives is critical in sustaining organic growth and securing success in this globally competitive landscape.

We’re aware that there exists a strong relationship between innovation and diversity and inclusion;

The challenge is to help executives and fellow professionals to understand that by connecting the dots, through scientific research, corporate practice, and personal observation, we can link innovation with a creative drive that is exclusive to the top and the brightest talent.

Genuine innovation thrives in an inclusive culture that values diverse ideas, leverages unique perspectives, and invites everyone to achieve collaborative breakthroughs across the entire company.

As a result, you allow people to be enlightened and inspired by their potential to harness their skills and expertise to bring value to the table in an inclusive company culture — nurturing enriched land, gravel, or soil where seeds of maturity and innovation can blossom into leaps of a strong sustainable growth.