Who cares if you still live in your parents’ basement on your 30s, piggybacking on their daily expenses and allowances?

Knocked up on your late teens with your first-born before even starting college and left by the guy who’s responsible for the child.

Happily engaged with your beautiful girlfriend, now fiancé, but discreetly hooking up with drop-dead gorgeous guys on the side.

Who cares if you’re stuttering, shaking, and mid-passing out when you’re speaking in meetings with your colleagues?

Underemployed in multiple low-paying nanny jobs but you have a degree in English Literature from an Ivy League university.

Weighing one hundred pounds more than the median weight of your fake circle of brunch friends.

Wearing almost the same outfit in a week and not a variety of runway-inspired head-to-toe.

Who cares if you binge watch Netflix on weekends instead of going out and forcing yourself in social situations?

Religiously hanging out with stoners, junkies, and the likes.

Dressed up in a hot red tube top, knee skirt, and a full on makeup but you’ve been raised to pee standing up.

Divorced 3 times and frustratingly going for the 4th.

A former convict trying to reengage in a society that’s degrading you and belittling you into someone who can never change.

Who cares if you’re happily dating someone 20 years younger than you?

Who cares on which choices you make? Every action you take?

You get the point. This is the fallacy of normal.

Where everyone seems to have a conventional view of what must be in order to live, or for some — just survive this ‘life.’

There’s no path set by whoever guiding light you believe in to. You can listen to other people but only to some extent. Change is something that must come from within you in your own realizations, in your own timing, in your own solid will.

So mess up. Mess up really good. Mess up as hard as you can.

And when you’ve reached the point of breaking, wait for the beautiful things to happen.

Pressure breaks precious things but remember that only when broken you can mend.

So break. Crumble. Fall apart. This is not your destruction. This is your rebirth.