Why COVID pandemic is the greatest self improvement course you could do!

COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 needs no introduction. Every day we are inundated with stats, updates and news of all kinds. By now, all of us are well versed with what this deadly virus outbreak is about. I am not going to attempt any elaboration on this.

However, I am amused too see the extent of it’s impact on our lives. We no longer need “how is the weather today” kind of starters for any conversation. Just say “Corona” and everyone has their own opinions on it. It’s the only thing that humans across the globe are worried about.

Despite the gloominess, I see COVID pandemic as the greatest act of facing our deamons. It’s an act of showing ourselves the mirror. It feels like we all were living in a facade and now it’s been taken off. In a jiffy!

COVID (and Lockdown) is the most comprehensive (and painful) 101 course on Self Improvement


And the “reality” which we always evaded stands right in front of us. Seeing us eye to eye and asking us — What do you see, now?

Yes, we are seeing the times we never anticipated. Empty roads, economic standstill across the globe, isolating away from civilization. I know, it makes all of us jittery on what future holds for us. When do we go back to “normal”. But look at the brighter side.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway.

We all constantly strive to improve ourselves. So on a lighter note, this pandemic is the most exhaustive self improvement course you could have asked for :)

Here are the key lessons it has asked all of us to learn (in a little extreme way).But it is what it is!

So here they are -

1. Self reliance and Self sustenance

This is time when we are moving away from civilization. Isolating ourselves. So if you are Single or Married, with kid or kid(s), With small or expansive house, you cannot “outsource” a single thing to anyone else in this period.

You are on your own to take care of your ”baggage”. Since we all want to grow/excel, this time teaches us how much is too much. Cause, like today, there can be another time where you are just on your own.

Self Sustenance is the key for long term benefit.

You own you house. Quite literally! The chores, upkeep, maintenance, repair — everything. Earlier we had the money that could buy us lot of helping hands for its upkeep. Now, despite the money, we can’t have many people to help. So lesson to learn is to own, grow, expand as much as you can handle on your own.

2. You need to be skilled. Learn it now!

Everyone should know how to cook. Period.

Almost all of us are trying to give hair cuts to our family members. Grooming ourselves without any Salon. Taming our gardens sans any gardener to help. Repairing our house on our own.

“When going gets tough, you’re skills come to rescue.”

Said someone wise!

So, use this time to up skill yourself!! Another important ingredient to be Self sustained.

3. Get comfortable in your skin.

This pandemic has shown us the mirror, quite literally. Isn’t it?

We are embracing ourselves now, more than ever. Spiritually and Physically. Grey hair, undone eyebrows don’t unnerve us as much. Rather, many of us are even venturing inwards to connect with the soul, the being.

Since the outside world is very quite, there is a lot of noise, unrest INSIDE. Time to connect with yourself. Be gentle on yourself and get comfortable with who you are!

4. Money does not buy you everything

No need to talk much on this one. We all have the money and wish someone could do the dishes and we’ll pay them whatever it takes. :)

But alas, even as I finish writing this blog, I have to wash the dishes. There’s no other way :D

5. Be Grateful, often!

Everyday we are seeing statistics of how many people have lost their life due to this virus. How some were not even surrounded by their loved ones during the last moments. If you are healthy and safe, you need to accept that you are blessed and feel that gratitude each passing day. This pandemic has slowed us down, pushed into isolation. Use that to re list what holds importance in your life now.

This pandemic is a defining moments of our lives for sure. Or rather this is defining the “new normal” of our years ahead. This article rightly points out how we cannot expect going back our old ways post COVID.

So take this change in your stride and make yourself a better person to happily exist in the new normal of post COVID era.

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