Hid In The Dark

Hid in the dark

7:34 AM — The Thyroid Damsel

Guest post from The No Boss Life.

(Originally posted on Thethyroiddamsel.com)

I am so honored to have yet another fantastic Blogger guest post for me. Normally she blogs about working for yourself and gaining self improvement, but she also is a fellow chronic illness sufferers!

I will admit I had never heard of her condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

'It's very rare and only affects around 1% of the population!

So here she is to tell us more about life with HS!

'I hid in the dark for far too long.

I first discovered this disease when I was 11.

I remember walking out of the shower. The room was steamy and the floors were old linoleum. The heat made everything slippery and it was by fate or chance that I fell. Hard. I felt a sharp, splitting pain within my lower back. I didn't break anything, but it did open the skin above my buttocks. After a check up, I was bandaged up and given a cream as a prescription and less strenuous activity for a couple of weeks.

Little did I know, that this would be the beginning of a long, painful journey.

A week later, I felt a small, raised bump in that area. At first, I thought it was just acne. But it soon spread. A painful bump on my inner thigh and another one in a place that I really don't want to mention. I was embarrassed, so I kept it to myself until the nodules began to rupture with green pus.

I ran to my grandmother and told her to look at my sores and she mentioned that they were a thing called boils.


"They're a thing you get in place of an illness."

"An illness? But I'm not sick?"

You can read the rest of the article at www.thethyroiddamsel.com