On the 3rd Day of Blogmas…

Some extra ways to make some money!

Suffering from chronic illness can take a toll on your body and on your purse, especially during the festive season!

So here are my top ways to make some extra cash over Christmas, that will take minimum effort and actually work! ….

There are no get rich schemes or MLM products in here.

I have been using the Roamler App for years now and love it.

It’s simple to use and easy to make some extra money.

The general purpose of it is, that your given job’s to do in shops. For example, take photos of shelves displaying certain items.

Each job is roughly awarded between £2 — £10 depending on the level of time and effort required.

Once completed, you send for approval. (if not approved, for example, the photo was blurry, you always get feedback). If approved your money is sent straight away, which can be cashed out instantly to PayPal!

Here are some examples of the tasks available in my area.

The only slight catch for Roamler is you do need a code to sign up, which are earned. I have 2 codes to give away. If you’re interested please get in touch with me.


You can find Roamler on The Google Play Store or download here.

is another app that I use on a regular basis. It does appear to have more frequent and higher paying tasks than Roamler. Anyone can join as well!

The concept is the same. Take photos in shops and venues, get approval, get paid. There is a £5 limit before you can cash out via PayPal, but it’s easy to hit that from one task.

You can download Be My Eye from Google play store and The App Store. Don’t forget to use my code by clicking here and you will get an extra £1.00 when you complete your first task!

One pulse is a questionnaire app for those that like answering questions.

I love the layout of the app. The questions are relevant and fun and you generally earn about 30p per question. This may not sound a lot but every little will help and it builds up quickly!.

If you’re sitting at home, and you’re not feeling 💯 percent on a flair day, why not make a bit of money!

Not all the questions are paid ones, but it’s still fun to give your opinion and earn points. The points you earn actually increase the amount of money you💰 get paid per paid question. So points=more money!

At the moment One Pulse is only available in the UK but I’m sure if it takes off it will become available in other countries soon.

You can download One Pulse by clicking here

Use cashback sites!

My personal favourite is Quidco.

At this time of the year, you will probably be buying a lot of products! Make use cashback sites like Quidco and Topcashback.

Sites like these reward you for shopping through them. I have bought a number of things over the last year, and once received £90.00 in cashback from one purchase!

You are going to be buying products anyway, all you need to do is go through the Quidco site first. Your cashback tracks and then you will get your money.

This is not always a quick process and can take a few months for your money to be confirmed and paid. However, it’s free to use, and at this time of year, it’s silly not to make use of it for every purchase!

You can sign up for Quidco using this link.

Those are my recommendations for earning a bit of extra pocket money over the festive period.

I would like to add though, that Christmas is not about how MUCH you spend, or how many presents you give. It is a time to be with loved ones, and be thankful for everything positive that has happened in your year.

Please do not overspend and get into debt, and give yourself any more stress than you have already got, by overspending. Do not make yourself any more ill or sick than you already are. Enjoy everything and enjoy the festivities.

Be sensible, and enjoy your family and loved ones. Give what you can, even if it is just a hug! Do not buy, just for the sake of buying a gift!

Originally published at The Thyroid Damsel.